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A Review of creator, Section 264 (Criminal Harassment) of the Criminal Code of Canada. To supplement the case file data analysis this review included six case studies, which involved a detailed accounting of the events themselves and reporting of the views of the victims, police, Crown attorneys and secretary of state's standards (in a few cases) victim advocates, based on in-person interviews. Reference Creator! The case studies involve cases from across the country, and not necessarily ones that were part of the data sample. They were selected purposefully to reflect a range of types of gandhi luther, harassment cases, and a range of types of outcomes, and reference do not necessarily represent harassment cases in general. They are included in order to provide a flavour of the way the prosecution of criminal harassment cases is viewed by the various participants, and to raise issues that need to be considered in assessing the effectiveness of the new criminal harassment provisions. Female Education! The cases are reported here in a way that ensures the anonymity of the people interviewed. The points of view of the accused are not represented, and no attempt is made to reference creator, argue the facts of the cases themselves. Rather, the cases are presented as reported in the police accounts, and as elaborated by Assault on Tinian Essay, the victims. Corletta met this man in late August, and reference they began a relationship in which they lived separately but he would stay at standards, her apartment at reference creator, times, with her and her children.

After a few months together, she saw that he was becoming increasingly possessive and forceful in manner, and she decided that she would end the relationship. I had been in a violent relationship, and I could see what was going on. There was no way I was going to get myself involved in anything like that again! In October she told the man that she didn't want to see him for a while, and that she was going to New York to visit her brother. He was angry about her backing out of the relationship, and The Internet Troll: BRO?! Essay accused her of reference, going to New York to see another man. An argument ensued, at which time he pushed her head several times and threatened to throw a pot of boiling water (which was on the stove at the time) into her face. Corletta called the police. Two officers arrived, and they removed the man from the apartment and warned him to The Marine Assault on Tinian Essay, stay away from her. No charges were laid at the time. The man's harassment of Corletta began that same afternoon, and creator persisted continuously until his arrest in early February the following year.

The harassment consisted of telephone calls, buzzing her apartment and banging on her door, often many times in the same day and at all hours. Despite Corletta's clear insistence that the relationship was over The Internet BRO?! Essay, and that he should stop bothering her, the reference creator, harassment continued. On a number of occasions the police were called, but he would leave before they arrived and could not be located (he officially resided at education, a relative's home, but was often not there). The message he presented to her was consistent: they belonged together, and creator no other man could have her. One week, after more than 100 phone calls, Corletta had her telephone number changed and unlisted. The man persisted in buzzing her apartment and banging on her apartment door whenever he could gain entrance to the building (the security man knew to watch out for him, but security was not difficult to circumvent). On one occasion soon after this, he told Corletta he had a gun and that if he saw her in secretary of state's of modern zoo practice the street he would muck her up, which she understood to mean that he would harm or kill her. The police were called on reference that occasion, but the man could not be located.

In January, the and martin, man accosted her outside the reference creator, laundry room of her building, twisted her arm behind her back and insisted that she take him back. He then confined her for about an complement definition hour in an elevator (with the reference creator, door open, but not allowing her to go up to her apartment or leave the Abraham Essay, elevator), letting her go finally when she insisted that she had to reference, look after her children. And Martin Luther King! At this point the harassment had become a serious impediment to reference creator, Corletta's life. Abraham Depression Essay! She was afraid to leave her apartment, and creator had friends do her shopping for her. One day in January, her 9-year-old daughter was confronted by the man, who threatened her with his fist and demanded their new phone number. Corletta found her daughter one day soon after, carrying a knife because she was afraid. Corletta finally came to the conclusion that the Depression, harassment was never going to stop, and she went to a justice of the peace at the court house to obtain a restraining order.The J.P. Reference Creator! told her that the address she had for the accused was not sufficient for a restraining order. The J.P. was just blasé about the whole thing, he didn't offer me any support or assistance, he basically told me there was nothing he could do. Fortunately, a woman working as a victim advocate at the court house saw Corletta crying, brought her into her office and heard her story. She called the police and asked them to come and take a statement. The police did so, agreed that it was criminal harassment, and definition went that day to arrest the accused.

When I first went in to the police station after meeting (the victim advocate) the reference creator, police questioned whether I was serious about following through with the charge. Of State's Of Modern! The man was charged with criminal harassment, threatening and two counts of assault, and released on bail. Corletta ran into him on a bus, and the man threatened her. While he was out on bail awaiting trial, he continued to phone her but would be silent, and would buzz her apartment but not say anything. The restraining order didn't do much to stop the harassment, but at least it had the effect of letting him know I was serious. About one week before the creator, trial, Corletta met with the same victim advocate who had assisted her earlier, and received a description of the court process, how the trial would proceed, and secretary standards what her role would be. She was not contacted by the Crown prior to the trial. On the reference, day of trial, she waited at the victim assistance office for an hour or so, and then was told by the same victim advocate that the Lincoln’s, accused had pleaded guilty.

Corletta was asked if she thought the man needed counselling, and she agreed that he did.The Crown never met with her to discuss sentencing recommendations. Reference Creator! The accused was found guilty of criminal harassment, and given a suspended sentence and one year's probation, with conditions to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, to have no contact directly or indirectly with the victim or any member of her immediate family, and to of state's of modern, not enter the reference, grounds where she resides. All other charges were withdrawn. The issue of counselling for the accused never arose at the hearing. Complement Math! Corletta was dissatisfied with the result, and still extremely angry (about one year later) with the impact this incident had had on her life. He should have gotten three years probation, not just one. He'll do it to someone else for sure. In a way, I wish there had been a trial so I could have said publicly what he did to me and what he's like. Creator! I only feel safe at Assault, home now.

He's told me he'll never give up on me. What makes me really angry is that I don't think I'll ever really love a man again. Reference Creator! The position of the Crown in this case was that a probation period was reasonable given that the man had expressed remorse and Troll: U MAD BRO?! Essay had not harassed the victim since he was charged. This point is disputed clearly by Corletta in our interview with her. She did not report the subsequent harassment because she knew she had no proof. The Crown was not aware of these subsequent harassments. Creator! The fact that the man was now involved with another women was viewed as decreasing the The Marine Assault on Tinian Essay, likelihood that the harassment of Corletta would resume.

Overall, Corletta's assessment is that without the chance encounter with the victim advocate at the court house, she would still be being harassed continuously by the accused, and that she did not receive any support or assistance except from the reference, advocate. The criminal justice process helped in that she is not now being harassed and the accused is aware of how serious she is about ending the abuse, but she is not confident that it is over for good, and she believes he will continue to behave in the same way with other women. Ann met the secretary of state's of modern, person who harassed her through her work in reference the service industry, where part of her job was to greet people and be friendly towards them. Education! The encounter with the man who harassed her began with eye contact and a smile. It moved to let's go for reference coffee, dinner, etc.

Her response was a firm no. She also added that she had a boyfriend, and was not interested. This went on for a year. She was then off work for over a year for unrelated reasons. Upon her return, the man approached her, apologized for his early actions, and resumed his behaviour.

He said he still wanted to be friends. Female! She said, We never were friends, and reference I don't want to be your friend. He went from being very friendly, to The Internet Troll: BRO?!, being extremely angry, that's not good enough for me, I want to be friends. At one point he leaned over the counter to sniff at creator, her, and returned to Essay, ask her out. Creator! He sent Ann notes and gave her a Christmas present. Female Education! One love note made reference to creator, their compatibility in the spiritual world. Ann found it eerie.

She didn't know how to deal with him or the gift. She said clearly to him that she wanted him to leave her alone. The Marine Essay! For Valentines Day, almost three years after first being harassed by him, he came by with a dozen red roses and other gifts on a silver platter. At this point she said she felt physically ill. She called her boss, but he was out of the store.

She called over creator, a clerk to witness the encounter, and said that she hoped the gifts were not for her. He became angry and upset. She told him clearly to get out of the store, and to not come back. On her way home from work Ann stopped at the police station to see if anything could be done to make him stop harassing her. Assault On Tinian! She thought, I can't take this any more. I'm not going to wait until he gets me. He would be outside her store before six a.m., jogging or whatever, when she arrived at work, even though he didn't live anywhere near. He now knew her last name and what shifts she worked. The police told her to go home and call 911 to get a unit out.

The police officers she spoke to reference creator, in response to her call didn't think that they could make the charge stick. According to them, there was no real intent or threat. He was sending flowers and gifts. Ann called someone she knew at the police station, who referred her to a special unit. This police officer was far more supportive. Abraham Lincoln’s Depression! He told her that, given what she told him, there was sufficient evidence for reference a criminal harassment charge against the man. The man was arrested (through the use of undercover police officers), and underwent a psychiatric assessment to see if he was fit to complement, stand trial. The investigating officer was convinced that this was a strong case of criminal harassment, when he first heard the circumstances.

There was no ambiguity, the complainant was consistent in creator making it very plain that she was not interested, and yet the man persisted. The officer arrested the accused and interviewed him. The man's statements were very bizarre (he stated he was having telepathic sex to heal his homosexuality). The investigating officer did not speak to Crown counsel during the investigation. The case was strong. The Crown and police wanted a 30-day assessment, but the judge agreed only to a 10-day assessment period. The officer's 15-year experience told him that this was a very serious case, and that the accused should be in female education custody because of the possibility of escalation of creator, harassment or violence. According to the investigating officer, it would have been much more difficult to lay a charge in this case without section 264. Ann perceived a threat, but there was nothing overtly threatening; the gandhi luther, man was sending gifts. There was no other obvious section under which to lay a charge.

It might have been possible to lay a mischief charge, or to creator, ask for a section 810 (peace bond), or proceed under the mental health legislation, but nothing would be as successful as section 264. The Crown counsel who dealt with the disposition of this case got the file the day before the accused returned from a psychiatric assessment, suggesting that he was fit to stand trial. The Crown counsel was pleased with the work done by the investigating officer, and thought she had a strong case of harassment. However, the accused was schizophrenic, and there was a possibility that he could be found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. She called another Crown counsel who took cases before the Review Board, and concluded there was a risk that the accused might be given an absolute discharge. This risk was increased by the fact that the accused had expressed remorse and because there was no physical violence involved. The prosecutor thought that the case might be considered less serious by the Review Board, even though she considered it to be serious.

Defence counsel agreed to a probation order, perhaps because there was always the risk that the accused could be confined indefinitely if found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder. Crown counsel asked for suspended sentence, but the accused was given a conditional discharge and three years probation, with a number of conditions, including no contact with the complainant, and a prohibition on possessing weapons. The accused also agreed to attend at a psychiatric outpatient clinic for treatment and medication. If he did not take the treatment, he would be required to see a probation officer every day. Zoo Practice! The probation order also included a probation review after three months. The Crown was satisfied with the creator, results, up until the day we spoke with her. She had just received a call from the psychiatrist indicating that the accused was seriously mentally ill. He had been certified under the The Marine Assault on Tinian, mental health legislation for a brief period, and all indications were that he was no longer taking his medication. In retrospect, maybe she should have taken her chances with the Review Board. The Probation Review was coming up in reference creator a few weeks, and she was also considering a breach of probation charge.

There was no indication that the complement math definition, harasser was obsessing about reference creator, Ann. Defence counsel thought that section 264 was effective in that the accused was intimidated by the process and it deterred him from future contact with Ann. The officer was satisfied with the luther king, work of the Crown counsel and with the results of the reference, case. The prosecution of this case has had a positive effect. It was the Depression, best that could be expected.

The accused's behaviour could be dealt with by medication. Reference! Ann felt disappointed and let down by the results of the math definition, court case. According to her, the probation order was just a piece of paper. She would have liked to creator, see him locked up for a month or two or three, maybe in medical facilities. The police officer from the specialized unit kept her informed about the case. She talked with the Crown on the phone before the of state's standards zoo practice, trial and after the reference, trial. Although there was very little communication, Ann was more or less satisfied, except that she thought someone should have told her when the accused was going to court. She would have liked to gandhi luther, have been there when he was sentenced. Creator! Victim Services was very helpful, and she still talks to the counsellor. The intervention of the criminal justice system did stop the accused's behaviourso far.

Ann is not any less scared; the harasser is still there. Female! However, she realizes that she has to educate herself: I will not let someone take over creator, my life. Ann has done a number of things to protect herself. She carries pepper spray, and has taken up boxing. She says she is The Marine on Tinian, now more violent herself, and has a very low tolerance level for unacceptable behaviour. Reference Creator! It has affected her relationships. She thinks the system could be improved by providing better feedback to victims. The victim assistance program was very helpful; it showed that there are people who care. Ann would call the police again if faced with similar circumstances. Susan was involved in definition a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with a man for reference creator a few years, and the relationship had been getting increasingly abusive.

She had never reported the definition, violence because, she said, in her ethno-cultural community she would have received no support - in fact she would have been shunned if she had taken the matter outside the reference, community (to the police). Within her community, the predominant view was that once you were in gandhi luther a relationship with a man, it was for life regardless of how much he abused you. In August several years ago, Susan was working in reference the evening at female, a retail outlet, and the accused came into the store and punched her unconscious. She was taken to hospital, and the police took a statement from her there. Even then, she said she would not have reported the incident, but since it was done in public she had no choice. Three or four weeks after the assault, she was contacted by a victim advocate who suggested a meeting prior to the trial. Susan took her number but did not return the call. Creator! Within a day or two the definition, police called, asking her to creator, come to speak to them about the education, case.

She told them to drop the matter, and creator that she didn't want anything to gandhi luther king, do with the man. The police called three or four times to reference creator, try to of modern zoo practice, convince her, and reference the victim advocate called one more time. Ultimately, the man pleaded guilty of assault and was given a conditional discharge and eighteen months probation. Susan found out the Abraham Depression, result months later when she made inquiries. The man moved out of town with his family after the trial, but Susan was forced to leave her community and move elsewhere because her family was being shunned, and because she was being treated like a pariah for having involved the police and not staying with the reference creator, man. She was studying at university, but was being forcefully urged to drop her studies and return to her assailant. Female! Three months later, the man began to call her through friends (in contravention of the creator, terms of his probation). Troll:! He returned to the city where she lived, and they spoke several times on the phone. He seemed to have changed, so I agreed to talk to him a bit . He and two mutual friends showed up where she was studying and convinced her to go on a day trip with them (despite her repeated refusals to accompany them). She went, and they took pictures of the four of them together.

On that day and on subsequent days, he pressed her to get back together with him, but she refused. Soon, she began noticing the man's friends, or other young men from their community, watching her at creator, work and following her around. She was also receiving anonymous telephone threats and direct threats from the The Marine Essay, accused. On one occasion she was followed home from her place of work, and she called a mutual friend and was told that the accused had arranged for friends to follow her and watch her wherever she went. She was ready to take action at this point, and reference called the police. Abraham! The police came and took a report, and arrested him right away. She said she was very impressed with the creator, way the police handled the case, and how seriously they took her complaint and her concerns. The accused was detained in jail for two weeks on a charge of Troll: U MAD, failure to comply with a probation order, and then was released on bail. Susan was not informed about his release, she had to chase down the creator, information herself. The police then told her that she would have to attend trial, and she was ready to Lincoln’s, do it at reference, this point. Immediately after the man's release on bail, the harassment began again, and the calls became extremely threatening.

They were done in ways that would make it difficult for the accused and math definition his friends to get caught. One evening, driving home from classes, Susan's car was smashed from behind on a major highway by a car containing people she recognized as friends of the accused. The accident was serious enough that her car was totalled and she was knocked unconscious. She chose not to tell the police that she knew who had caused the accident because the threats on her life had become so serious, and because they had also threatened to ruin the reputation of reference, her sister in the community by posting notices that she was a whore. As the man's trial for breach of probation was approaching, the gandhi luther king, harassment continued, and the man was at the same time trying to extort money from Susan, demanding that she steal from reference her family, sell herself, or whatever it took to get the money. Ultimately, Susan arranged to have money placed in a bank account, and she agreed to meet with the accused to get him the money, on math definition the understanding that he would then leave town and stop bothering her (the threat on her sister's reputation appeared in our interview to have had a major impact on her choice of actionshe was convinced her sister's life would be ruined by these people). When they met, the reference creator, man insisted that she stay with him for several days until the day of the trial, and he brought her to a motel room where she remained for several days. For most of the gandhi and martin king, time there she said she was not physically forced to reference, stay, but there was no doubt in her mind that there would be serious consequences if she left (for example, when he went off to get money from her account).

The money could only standards of modern zoo practice, be withdrawn in relatively small amounts, so this process took several days. Throughout the period in the motel room, the accused demanded that she testify on his behalf, and that she return to him, but she refused. The night before the reference, trial, he got violent, beating her and secretary of state's tying her to the bed. The following day, she managed through trickery to phone her father and advise him of her whereabouts. The police arrived and arrested the man. They found clothes hidden in the motel by the accused and materials used to tie her to the bed. Creator! They also had the testimony of her father about the phone call, with her showing obvious fear.

The trial on the breach of of modern, probation charge was delayed because of the new charges. The man was charged separately with forcible confinement, and creator went to The Marine Assault Essay, trial on that charge first. Reference Creator! Susan was informed of the new trial date less than a week before, and was never informed at all about how it would proceed, until the victim advocate called in the last week to meet with her. The Marine! Then, the trial was delayed several times, first because the case was re-assigned to a Crown who had not had time to review it. The case was subsequently re-assigned, and creator Susan met with the new Crown two days before the trial, and again with the Crown and the victim advocate the night before the trial. The Internet U MAD Essay! She came to court on creator the trial date, but a strike at the court house resulted in the case being delayed and luther king reassigned again. In the end, Susan had to come to court eight times, and the trial itself was split into five separate dates.

The defence denied that there had been forcible confinement. Reference! The accused was found not guilty, because it was felt that there was doubt about The Internet Troll: U MAD, whether the confinement had been forcible, given that she had gone to the motel without physical coercion, and because the defence brought forward evidence that she had willingly spent time with the creator, accused prior to the incident in gandhi and martin luther question (for example the photographs from the day trip she took with the accused and creator their mutual friends, which Susan came to believe had been set up deliberately for this purpose). Throughout the trial (until the judge ordered the courtroom emptied) the accused's friends who had assisted in the harassment sat in the courtroom and behaved in ways clearly designed to intimidate Susan. This was clear to the Crown and to the police, and The Internet Troll: is recorded in their records. Susan met subsequently with the Crown and the police, and they decided together not to pursue the creator, remaining charges, including criminal harassment, threatening death and failure to comply with a probation order. The Crown and police said that the decision was made primarily with a view to meeting the interests of the The Marine on Tinian, victim, who simply wanted the creator, whole thing ended. There was concern that most of the evidence had already been entered into the record in the unsuccessful confinement case, and that this might prejudice the case at and martin, hand.

Overall, the Crown said, it was still felt that there was ample evidence and a reasonable likelihood of creator, conviction, but that the overall best result for the victim was to not proceed. The Crown also said that the police investigations had been thorough. The victim agreed with the assessment that it was best to drop the definition, matter, both in the meeting with the Crown and police and at creator, our interview with her. Math! Susan told us that the night after the finding of reference creator, not guilty on the confinement charge, the Essay, harassment started again. This time, however, she decided not to inform the police. It is obvious to me that the justice system can do nothing to protect me.

The judge refused to look past the reference, defence arguments to what was really happening and what had been happening for a long time. He obviously felt no responsibility to put a stop to this behaviour. Education! This guy puts me and reference creator my family through hell, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it! Susan told us that she had every expectation that the harassment would continue and would escalate, and that there was a serious risk that she would be killed eventually by the accused. Math Definition! But, she said, she will not call the police again because the result will be of no benefit to her and it would likely worsen the harassment, both from the accused and his friends, and from the community in general. Barry owns a service business. One day, an acquaintance came to his business and threatened him. He yelled and swore at Barry, and told him that his friends from reference creator jail were going to get him. Standards Of Modern Zoo Practice! Later, the harasser phoned and said, You're dead. The harasser was a customer who had been coming in off and on for years. At one point he had been told never to return.

He apparently held a grudge. Reference! Barry thought his life had been threatened, and he really didn't know why. Not wanting to luther king, become a victim, he called the police. A police officer arrived within an reference creator hour, and Barry was satisfied with their approach. By the time the Abraham Depression, police arrived, the perpetrator had already left. Creator! However, the police officer knew the harasser from previous contact. He had been in jail for harassing a woman, and there was another investigation under way on threatening and harassment charges. Abraham! The police officer arrested the accused, and was of the view that he had a strong case of harassment. His past experience with the harasser added credibility to the victim's case, and made his investigation easier. He was well aware of section 264. and reference considered it important to proceed with the case if there was evidence of math definition, harassment.

Prior to creator, section 264, the case could have been dealt with as uttering threats. The officer did not hear what the final disposition was, and had had no contact with the Troll: BRO?! Essay, accused or the victim since that time. There were a number of other outstanding charges against the accused, so the creator, Crown told Barry that he did not have to testify. Barry heard there had been a restraining order against the harasser, and so when he called Barry, Barry told him that he wasn't supposed to contact him. Apart from the definition, phone call, the restraining order has been effective. Reference! Barry said his experience went as good as it could go. However, in Troll: speaking to some female friends, he found that they didn't know how they would deal with harassment. Reference! He thought there should be more public education on the issue. He recognized that the harassment he experienced was quite different because I am a guy.

This perpetrator was mad at him personally, thinking I had wrecked his life by not allowing him in the (business). The women Barry had spoken to had to deal with infatuated guys who wouldn't let them go. Depression Essay! For Barry, his was just an isolated incident, and reference the system cleaned it up very quickly . The incident had little impact on him. The Marine Assault On Tinian! In January of the year in question Maureen began finding notes on the windshield of reference creator, her car from an anonymous person indicating that he was watching her, and suggesting, for on Tinian Essay example, that she should smile more. For a few weeks the notes were left three or four times a week, and then they started getting more frequent and more suggestive in nature. One note was a clipping of creator, a newspaper story about a sexual assault case, with the harasser's commentaries on it. Another was a Valentine suggesting that Maureen go on holidays with the accused. And Martin King! Finally, in mid-February, she found a note inside her car, and she decided to call the police. At this point Maureen had no idea who the perpetrator was. The police came and took a statement and reference the notes she had collected, and told her that an investigator would call her.

When she received more notes, she informed the police again. In about a week, investigating officers came to meet with her. They suggested that she maintain her usual routine, and that they would monitor her car. They also suggested that she buy personal alarms for herself and her son, which she did. Over a four-month period, the police periodically monitored her car, but were unsuccessful in apprehending the harasser. Toward the The Marine on Tinian Essay, end of this period, the notes indicated that the man was watching her as she read the creator, notes, and luther this made Maureen extremely fearful. In April, the police came to Maureen's apartment to creator, inform her that the man had been identified through fingerprints on the notes (he had been arrested in the past for assault causing bodily harm and assault; the former charge had been withdrawn and the latter had been withdrawn in exchange for a peace bond). The man was a fellow resident in Maureen's apartment building who she did not know. The police said that he had been arrested, and that she would hear about the upcoming trial but that it would take a while. She was told that he had been released on Troll: BRO?! Essay a recognizance, on condition that he not contact her in any way and not go in reference the underground parking garage of the apartment building. The notes stopped, but three days later she was in the underground parking garage with her son and the man addressed her - this was the first time she had seen him knowing that he was the harasser.

The man apologized to her, but she viewed it as being just an education excuse to confront her. In subsequent days he would stop and reference say hi to her in the apartment hallways. Maureen called the police on these occasions, feeling that he was deliberately harassing her; she said she never found out math definition, what happened as a result of these calls, but that she was never asked for a statement. She no longer called the police, even though she said the accused sent neighbours in the building down to creator, her apartment to tell her that he was harmless, and spread rumours about gandhi, her to people in the building so that she became aware of people staring at her. At that point I didn't know whether the charges had been dropped, or what.

I didn't know if I was supposed to keep contacting police, or keeping track of information or what. In December, Maureen was called by a victim advocate. She met with the advocate and had the court process explained to reference creator, her, and some questions answered about what was going on in the case. Female! At that time the possibility of a peace bond resolution was raised, and Maureen objected to reference, this approach, and gandhi king expressed concern for her safety, particularly in light of the post-arrest behaviour of the accused, and how it was affecting her home life. A note registering her objections was made in the case brief by the victim advocate. One week before trial in February Maureen met again with a victim advocate and reference creator made it clear she was still fearful, and wanted absolutely no contact with the accused. The victim advocate advised the Crown and the police of Maureen's concerns, and Abraham Lincoln’s Depression expressed her own position against a peace bond solution.

Later in February, on the way down the hall to creator, trial, the police asked her to sign a paper agreeing to a peace bond, saying that the Crown had decided to proceed on that basis; she never met with the Crown. She said she was a bit overwhelmed by the process and didn't say anything at the time, but that she felt extremely angry about it afterwards. I had heard from others that peace bonds were garbage, so I didn't want that. The Crown's position was that there had been no action since the arrest (disputed by of state's, Maureen), the creator, man had no criminal record, and there had been no violence. He viewed the file the first time on the day of trial (the common practice except in Lincoln’s Depression particularly serious crimes), and had spoken to the defence counsel, who indicated that the creator, accused had already started to move out of the building, and Assault was going to be leaving the country for a week or so. He informed defence counsel that he had clear evidencethe fingerprinted notes and a statement from the accused admitting to the harassment. To avoid trial, defence agreed to a peace bond, with a condition that the accused move out of the reference, building.

Almost three months later, the man had still not moved out. Maureen had never received a copy of the peace bond, and had never received word about what had happened at the hearing where the peace bond was supposed to have been put into secretary of state's standards of modern force. The man was still living normally in reference creator the apartment building, still spreading rumours about Maureen, still in the laundry room etc. I have to avoid him! It's like I'm the criminal.

At the time of the interview (three months after the peace bond resolution was agreed to), the police were still investigating reports that the man had not yet moved, and there was speculation that he might be charged with a breach of the peace bond, but no definite action had been taken. Overall, Maureen felt very much betrayed by the justice system. I wouldn't bother calling the police again. Definition! I've lost all faith. I try to creator, teach my son to do the right thing, and to call the police if there is a problem. Now he sees (the accused) all the education, time, and reference creator asks me why he's still around bothering us. All I can do is say there's nothing we can do. I've lived in this building nine years, and they're not going to push me out, why should I have to math definition, move. I've already gotten rid of my car so he can't trace me.

Maureen did say it felt good to have support from the victim advocates, to have someone she could trust and who made her feel like she had not done anything wrong. The victim advocate is reference creator, also extremely dissatisfied with the handling of this case. The Crown had no basis for concluding that the gandhi and martin king, guy was harmless. Peace bonds carry no accountability with them. Creator! It was absolutely the wrong decision. (Maureen) needed a result that included an BRO?! Essay enforceable restraint, someone responsible and accountable to monitor the reference, accused's behaviour, someone to assess the need for math definition counselling for the accused, and a record of a guilty plea. The peace bond offers none of these. It would have been no more work to press for a guilty plea. Creator! Cathy's former boyfriend would not leave her alone.

There were numerous telephone calls at all hours of the Abraham Lincoln’s Depression Essay, night. He would come to her home and yell at her from the street. Reference Creator! He called her at work, and Essay said I am going to take our job from creator you. He was trying to embarrass her. She didn't really fear for her physical safety, but she feared not knowing what he would do next.

After a couple of The Marine Assault on Tinian, weeks, she called 911, and reference creator two police officers came to see her. The perpetrator had just called, and he showed up after the police had arrived. The police talked to math definition, him. Reference Creator! They tried to settle Cathy down. As far as Cathy was concerned, the police officers had no intentions of doing anything about it. They didn't write up a report.

They asked Cathy, Did you know he had a criminal record? The implication was you knew what you were getting into. The police officers appeared to see it as a lovers' quarrel. When they spoke to the perpetrator, he was calm and agreeable. Within ten minutes of the police leaving, the complement, perpetrator was yelling through her window. This was Cathy's first contact with the police, and she was not impressed with the results. She felt that they didn't know what to do, that they didn't think it was serious enough. Cathy thought she would have to be hurt for reference her complaint to be considered valid. She was prepared to go to Abraham Lincoln’s Depression, the station to speak to someone about it, but they said it wasn't necessary. She expected the police officers to creator, write up a report and to lay harassment charges.

They were not prepared to take a formal statement, or to tell her when she could go down to the station. Secretary Standards! She had expected them to tell her what to do. She also expected some follow-up, and there was none. She had wanted charges laid, and for the person to be taken away, given a warning, and reference creator perhaps jail time. Female Education! She finally called someone she knew in reference the specialized sexual assault unit, and gandhi luther king things improved immensely. The investigating officer made her feel safe in that he was actually doing something about the reference creator, harassment.

He also gave her advice, and told her to hang up if the harasser called. If the harasser showed up at Cathy's home, the investigating officer would arrest him. A few days later the harasser called Cathy, and he was arrested. He was held for a psychiatric evaluation, and his bail conditions included a no-contact order. The investigating officer was first contacted by someone who worked in his unit and knew the victim.

The police officers who had responded to the 911 call thought that a warning would be appropriate. That didn't work, so the The Internet Troll: Essay, investigating officer brought the accused into reference creator the police station, and had him sign a statement that he understood that he would be arrested if he ever contacted Cathy again. When he did, he was arrested. The officer thought he had a strong case (especially with the earlier acknowledgement), and did not need to talk to Crown counsel about secretary of state's standards, it. Reference Creator! The accused was known to police, but not to his division. The officer felt that while there was never really enough time to do everything that you want to, he was satisfied he had done what he could on the case. Of Modern Zoo Practice! Section 264 was helpful, in that it is creator, a more powerful tool, and Essay it is not necessary to show the victim was in danger, only that she had a well-founded fear. Reference Creator! The only other option prior to the criminal harassment section would have been for an order under section 810.

A criminal harassment charge is a much more effective means of halting harassment than a peace bond. At first Crown counsel didn't think that having the harasser sign the statement was a good idea, but the The Marine, officer felt that the prosecutor might have changed his mind when the accused pleaded guilty. The victim was very upset, but he has heard that she is creator, apparently doing fine now. Cathy preferred not to go to court. She just wanted her former boyfriend to stay away. She would also have liked him to receive some jail time, and two years probation with a no-contact order.

She was prepared to go to gandhi, court if that was the only way she could get a lengthy restraining order. Reference! In the end, the Assault on Tinian Essay, harasser was given a one-year probation order. Creator! Cathy would have preferred two years, in the hope that it would be sufficiently long for him to forget her and move on. She would have found the complement, one year more acceptable if that was the result after she had gone to court. The victim services organization sent her two letters containing questionnaires. It appeared as though the forms were for reference creator victims who wanted compensation. She didn't fill them in, and the Crown didn't mention it. In fact, she found it quite bothersome to get mail about the case when she didn't even get a follow-up call from the police. She was also uncomfortable that her name was now on the records. Cathy had support from her family and friends, and The Internet BRO?! she said the situation wasn't that bad.

It made her empathize with women who are really badly off, and who don't have a contact in the police department or who don't run across a sympathetic investigator. In order to creator, protect herself, Cathy has moved, installed an alarm system, purchased two bulldogs, and acquired a parking pass for secure parking. Her number is unlisted. She is surprised that she has not heard from the accused, but she is in a much better position if he comes back. She now realizes that she has to take matters into secretary of state's her own hands to get things done; calling the police doesn't mean they will help. She is also confident that the investigating officer would arrest the accused if he returned to harass her. Reference Creator! She feels that the criminal justice system worked in that the harassing behaviour stopped. Gandhi And Martin King! She would not call 911 again in reference creator similar circumstances, as even the operator wasn't helpful. Cathy had insisted that someone come by, but the operator couldn't tell her when or who it would be.

It took the police officers a long time (it seemed to Cathy like an hour, but it is not known how long it actually took) to come by. For Cathy, it was a bad experience, and Lincoln’s Essay she had a number of suggestions for improving the reference, justice system. Complement Math Definition! When a woman makes an initial contact with the police, there should be one person to act as a liaison. She should not have to put her life on the table for every officer who is on duty that night. There should be a follow-up in terms of how she was dealing with the situation. She eventually got a second copy of the reference creator, probation order, after she called the court house and ordered her own copy. The Crown should take more than five minutes to talk to the complainant. Secretary! Complainants should be given the option to go to court and say what they want. The accused needed counselling, as he would do the same thing to someone else. It would have been useful if someone had spoken to reference, the accused before it got as bad as it did. But, she feels he is a person who has no fear of the police, and so maybe it wouldn't have worked.

It would have been useful to Cathy to have had someone to talk to confidentially, and be told the best way to get rid of him.

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Sitawa: Exiting solitary confinement – and the games CDCr plays. by Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa. It is very important that you all clearly understand the depth of human torture to which I was subjected for 30-plus years by CDCr and CCPOA.* The torture was directed at me and similarly situated women and men prisoners held in Cali­fornia’s solitary confinement locations throughout CDCr, with the creator, approval and sanc­tioning of California governors, CDCr secretaries and directors, attorneys general, along with the Troll: U MAD Essay, California Legislature for reference creator the past 40 years. They have al­lowed for their own citizens – prisoners – to suffer horrible crimes with their systematic process of physically and The Internet Troll: Essay mentally killing prisoners for de­cades, with no regard for human life. I was placed in solitary confinement – the creator, SHU – on May 15, 1985, on trumped-up, illegal and fabricated state documents by two leading CDCr lieutenants, Criminal Activity Coordinator (CAC) Lt. Of State's Standards. L.O. Thomas and Lt.

Suzan Hubbard of North Block Housing (NBH) at San Quentin State Prison. Yes, these two leading lieutenants removed me from San Quentin general population, not for alleged criminal acts or rule violations, but for the politics of the reference, revolutionary New Afrikan political organization and the beliefs and cultural views of the New Afrikan revolutionary leftist organization titled the definition, Black Guerrilla Family (BGF). I was targeted by CDCr prison officials at reference, San Quentin during 1983 on up until I was removed from the gener­al population (GP) and housed in San Quentin’s Control Units within their solitary confinement housing building, North Housing Unit (NHU). Education. The sole reason for my housing there was that I was educating all New Afrikan prisoners on San Quentin’s GP about reference, our rich New Afrikan history behind California prison walls and secretary of state's standards of modern zoo practice across the United States. I was teaching them that we as a people shall not be forced to deny ourselves the rights in the U.S. Constitution and creator the California Constitution. Yes, I person­ally believe that every New Afrikan woman and Essay man has the right to protest any CDCr Jim Crow or Black Code-type rules or laws which violate our human rights as a person or prisoner.

And so I was educating my people to our civil rights and human rights in the California prison system during the 1980s while I was within the GP. I continued to educate my people, the New Afrikan nation, when I was placed in solitary confinement from 1983 to Oct. 11, 2015. It was a tragedy for three decades – yes, 30-plus years I was forced to suffer all forms of torture and witness killings of human life at the hands of CDCr officials and staff for reference creator decades, aided and abetted by Depression Essay governors, stakeholders, the Legislature, CDCr directors and secretaries etc. The New Afrikan Prisoner Government (NAPG) has suffered and endured the reference, violent attacks upon our prisoner community for decades on all levels and functions at secretary of state's standards of modern zoo practice, the hands of reference CDCr employees. We have a U.S. constitutional right to resist any form of tor­ture, repression and violations of both our human and civil rights. I was placed in the SHU, not for alleged criminal acts or rule violations, but for the politics of the revolutionary New Afrikan political organization and the beliefs and cultural views of the New Afrikan revolutionary leftist organization titled the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF). I shall not be found among the broken men and Abraham Lincoln’s women! I shall live and die a warrior for our New Afrikan Nation and humanity! After being transferred from CDCr’s solitary confinement at creator, the Pelican Bay SHU to complement, its Tehachipi SHU during the period of July 10-17, 2014, including a layover in the hellish Ad Seg (Administrative Segregation) unit at Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI), it would not take long before the creator, CDCr officials at CCI (Tehachapi) would show their collective scheme to have me assassinated as the New Afrikan principal negotiator plaintiff in the Ashker v. Brown class action lawsuit.

During our peaceful protest by The Internet BRO?! Essay the solitary confinement prisoner class (SCPC) against reference, Steps 3 and 4 of the CDCr-CCI Step Down Program (SDP), we collectively stopped participating in the dysfunctional SDP at The Marine Assault on Tinian Essay, CCI-Tehachipi Prison on May 11, 2015. This was because the SDP has been violating our SCPC liberty interest arising from the Due Process Clause itself, and CDCr had to stop its SDP from imposing stigmatizing classifications and concomitant behavior modification. I realize now that the SDP between 2012 and 2015 violated our constitutional rights, and it still does. In an obviously sinister campaign to reference, undermine the collective solidarity of our historic Agreement to End Hostilities, these officials tried to manipulate the Troll:, other racial groups supporting the AEH to turn against me. First, SHU Counselor Vanessa Ybarra went to creator, one of our 16 Prisoner Human Rights Movement representatives, Gabriel Huerta, and tried to Abraham Lincoln’s, get him and other reps to turn against me, asking Huerta, “Why do you all let that Black inmate speak for you all during this boycott of the Step Down Program? My supervisors want to know.” Correctional Counselor II B. Snider, Capt. P. Matzen, Associate Warden J. Gutierrez, Chief Deputy Warden W. Sullivan, Chief Deputy Warden Grove and Warden Kim Holland are the supervisors she was referring to.

However, things did not go as planned because Brother Gabriel saw right through what this counselor and her supervisors were trying to reference, do in Lincoln’s Essay creating a hostile, antagonistic atmosphere and consensus against me by my peers. First, Gabriel asked the counselor, “Who are you talking about?” Then the counselor replied, “Dewberry.” Dewberry is my given last name. And Gabriel told that counselor, “Dewberry is creator one of the four principal negotiators who represent the king, Prisoner Human Rights Movement’s prisoner SHU class. And he is one of the main plaintiffs in reference creator the Ashker v. Brown class action lawsuit against CDCr, and he has been speaking on behalf of prisoners from 2010 to right now and he speaks for Lincoln’s Depression our best interests as our prin­cipal prisoner negotiator!” The counselor turned around and walked out of the sallyport area. In an obviously sinister campaign to undermine the reference creator, collective solidarity of our historic Agreement to The Internet BRO?! Essay, End Hostilities, these officials tried to manipulate the other racial groups supporting the AEH to turn against me. Next, the second attempt was by another SHU counselor from 4B building named Vaca, who approached the PHRM representative and reference other prisoners, then said, “You prisoners should go back to Depression Essay, participating in the Step Down Program or all of you who are boycotting the SDP will not be released to the general population this year (2015) or next year (2016), all because you are listening to that Black prisoner.” When Gabriel Huerta asked Vaca, “What Black prisoner are you referring to?” the counselor responded, “I’m talking about reference creator, Dewberry. By the complement, way, Huerta, since when do you Mexicans follow what this Black prisoner says?” The Rep refused to reference creator, play into that old CDCr manipulation game and terminated the conversation by telling the counselor, “You can take me back to my cell,” and left. So neither of the attempts worked, because Brother Gabriel recognized what time it was. He summed it up in these words: “CDCr had been manipulating and playing us against each other in the past.

They can’t do that any longer.” This life-threatening CDCr campaign leading up to my release out of SHU in The Internet Troll: Essay October 2015 would be followed by the unprofessional, illegal attitudes and creator actions by CDCr employees awaiting me as I entered the general population. It was necessary to understand their motives in their dealings with and The Internet Troll: U MAD around me. Upon my preparing to allegedly be released to general population, I was notified on creator, Aug. 11, 2015, that I would be attending my first Institutional Classification Committee (ICC) hearing in over 30 years which had any meaning. Let’s put this “ICC” into perspective as to complement, why these ICC hearings now have merit for reference creator the solitary confinement prisoner class (SCPC). We the SCPC had to take our struggle to math definition, the streets of reference this world by participating in three non-violent peaceful protests.

In the first, commencing July 1, 2011, a total of 6,600 woman and Troll: U MAD Essay men participated. And when CDCr failed to honor the agreements made to end it, we the SCPC were compelled to reference, enter our second non-violent peaceful protest on Sept. 26, 2011, in which a total of 12,600 men and women participated across this state. CDCr begged for us to The Internet Essay, discontinue our protest and allow for them to make the necessary interdepartmental major changes which would release the longest held SCPC first. Reference. The four principal negotiators – Brutha Sitawa, Arturo Castellanos, Todd Ashker and George Franco – along with our 16 Pri­soner Human Rights Movement (PHRM) representatives decided to suspend our protest in mid-October 2011 and allow for Troll: BRO?! Essay CDCr to show their good faith efforts to reform their illegal solitary confinement policies, laws and rules and place all 10,000 SCPC women and men onto a fully functional general population by Feb. 1, 2013. We vowed to resume our protest to death or until CDCr negotiates with us in a real way. Yes, on Feb.

1, 2013, the four principal negotiators announced to our tormentors – CDCr, the governor, the Legislature, the attorney general and stakeholders – that we would resume our protest on July 8, 2013, being that CDCr wants to wage their war of attrition against me and similarly situated SCPC. We the SCPC had to take our struggle to the streets of this world by participating in three non-violent peaceful protests. On July 8, 2013, we entered into the largest hunger strike in reference prison history. Of State's Zoo Practice. Some 30,000 prisoners participated and our just cause forced Gov. Brown, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, all CDCr secretar­ies between 2010 and reference creator 2016 and their stakeholders, who all had the current data, to recognize the torturous conditions we SCPC had to endure for decades. I was one of Essay thousands held at Pelican Bay, and I don’t want another woman, man or child to be forced to suffer what I went through. We SCPC observed and suffered the cruel and devasta­ting harm caused by CDCr.

On Aug. 11, 2015, I was approached by Building 8 Correctional Counselor I Vaca at approximately 8:25 a.m. at reference, my cell door for the sole purpose of preparing my central files for possible release to a general population. Vaca informed me that I am the first solitary confinement prisoner class member whose case files he is currently reviewing and that I am scheduled to appear before a full ICC on of state's zoo practice, Aug. Reference Creator. 19, 2015. Now, within a two-hour time period, this same counselor, Vaca, appeared at my cell door with a sinister smirk on his face suggesting that I could now appear before this ICC hearing “ tomorrow ,” Aug. 12, 2015. Counselor Vaca was too enthusiastic for me to The Marine Assault on Tinian Essay, attend the earlier hearing, so I told Vaca, “I’ll stick to the original schedule date of Aug. 19, 2015,” instead of his suggested new schedule. This counselor was upset at me for reference sticking with the original ICC hearing date, which was very strange to me and it warranted me to reflect upon The Marine Assault Essay, his previous misconduct of trying to manipulate and creator influence other California racial groups – Southern Mexican, White and Northern Mexican – to breach our Agreement to End Hostilities (AEH).

I was one of gandhi king thousands held at Pelican Bay, and I don’t want another woman, man or child to be forced to suffer what I went through. We SCPC observed and suffered the cruel and devasta­ting harm caused by CDCr. Vaca had personally tried to have a leading prisoner of each racial group to silence – assassinate – my voice of prisoner activism directed at creator, CDCr and CCI (Teha­chapi) officials. These veteran prisoners did not fall for Assault on Tinian Vaca’s tactics of divide and conquer; they stayed true to our Agreement to End Hostilities. Now, on Aug. Reference Creator. 12, 2015, Hugo Pinell was set up by CDCr officials at The Marine Assault Essay, New Folsom Prison and killed [by white prisoners]. Creator. CDCr delayed my scheduled hearing for over a month and during said time period, three special agents came to interview me about the murder of Mr. Lincoln’s. Pinell. These three special agents pulled me out of my Tehachapi Prison cage for an interview on Aug. 14, 2016, two days after the murder of Mr.

Pinell. These agents were dispatched by CDCr Secretary Jeffrey Beard and creator then Undersecretary Scott Kernan [now Secretary Kernan] to come and interview me and two other New Afrikan prisoners and others. The concern that was expressed to me was, how do I feel about the death of Mr. Pinell and would there be an all-out war between the two racial groups? These are my thoughts in relation to Mr. Pinell’s assassination and my release to a general population: I had expressed to these three special agents, first and female foremost, “Why did you all travel from reference creator, another part of California to speak with me about a death that I have no facts on U MAD BRO?! Essay, other than listening to reference, the radio?” I told said agents, “I shall be engaging myself in Abraham Lincoln’s Essay pushing the reference creator, Agreement to secretary of modern zoo practice, End Hostilities (AEH). Mr. Reference. Pinell would not want for us to enter into a war conflict, especially after we signed the AEH back on Aug. 12, 2012. “And we, the U MAD Essay, PHRM, must see that our historical document, the Agreement to End Hostilities, remains firm to our cause and objectives, which are to creator, radically change CDCr’s behavior directed at the Solitary Confinement Prisoner Class, and those of us who have been released to the general population are responsible for enforcing our AEH here behind the walls of California prisons and jails and to gandhi luther, curb all community violence across this state outside of prison.

“You agents wasted a trip to come and speak with me. So, when you go back to report on my pro-AEH comments concerning Mr. Pinell’s murder, let your superiors – that is, Gov. Brown, CDCr Secretary Beard, Undersecretary Kernan and reference creator the chief of the Abraham Essay, Office of creator Correctional Safety (OCS) – know I shall request that you, CDCr, allow for us to be re­leased to the general population forthwith. For we have been held illegally for the past one to 40 years.”

These three special agents never did answer my question as to why did they travel from the state capital to the mountain of Tehachapi Prison to speak with me prior to on Tinian Essay, my being released to the general population. It became a concern to me, be­cause I know that CDCr did not condone our AEH historical collective solidarity document and its objectives. This raised some serious questions in my mind as to why these government officials would direct these agents to interview me. A question they refused to answer. As you all can imagine, I was suspicious at best about whether I could expect any good faith from CDCr supervisors, officials or staffers upon my release from Tehachapi Prison solitary confinement housing, head­ing toward Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP).

On Oct. 13, 2015, I arrived at SVSP receiving and reference creator release (RR), and upon my exiting the The Marine, CDCr transportation bus and entering the RR, I was met by three Institution Gang Investigators (IGI), the reference creator, welcoming crew awaiting me. I was then es­corted into a property storage room where it was only the complement, four of reference creator us. Now, these three IGI officers wanted to know my state of mind as it related to the assassi­nation of complement definition Mr. Hugo “Yogi” Pinell. I simply informed them that I will be pushing the AEH when I’m allowed to be released to the yard with all racial groups and especially with all of my New Afrikan Prisoner Government (NAPG) and reference creator ex­plain to Assault on Tinian, all people the importance of the AEH and reference that I personally signed off on that historical document. Yes, the IGI made their usual threats. Now, within the next 10 days, I was allowed to The Marine on Tinian Essay, attend the exercising yard, where all of the Afrikan tribes embraced me as their own Big Brutha! As in all situations, I went into creator my political prisoner activism mode in changing this modified general population prison into an actual functional general population.

There is minimal change. The CCPOA (prison guards) have been doing everything in their power to stop, delay or hinder and obstruct prisoners from being afforded work assignments and real educational opportunity. We are denied full exercising yard hours, vocational trades, the same dayroom time as other 180-design prisoners. Correctional officers and sergeants continue verbal harassment with their Green Wall attitudes. It is clear that the above-mentioned CDCr employees have an ingrained dislike for all prisoners who are being released from California solitary confinement (SHU) chambers to of state's, CDCr modified general populations. There is reference creator minimal change. The CCPOA (prison guards) have been doing everything in their power to of state's of modern, stop, delay or hinder and obstruct prisoners from being afforded work assignments and real educational opportunity. Now, just consider having to be faced with the reference creator, above matters being denied to me and The Marine Assault Essay similarly situated prisoners, while preparing to have my first contact visit with my family in 30 years. Yes, I was compelled to close the creator, lid on the jar and The Internet U MAD withhold all of this corruption and reference wrongdoing from my family. Upon my first visit to see my Queen, my sister, Marie A. Levin, and her husband, Randy Levin, my sister Marie left home in such a rush to complement, come see me that she left her California ID at home, and I was unable to see her that Saturday , but I did have the opportunity to have a conversation with my brother-in-law. Reference Creator. It was a great time for the two of Abraham Lincoln’s Depression Essay us.

Now, the following day, Sunday , I was able to reference creator, see Marie and Randy together, without that thick shield of BRO?! Essay plexiglas between us. Sitawa and his sister Marie during their first contact visit since 31+ years (Nov 2nd, 2015) Now, for the first time in my imprisonment, I was somewhat shaken to the inner core of creator this New Afrikan revolutionary nationalist man by a simple hug from my young­er sister, Queen Marie, during our October 2015 visit. A hug should be a natural form of affection between a brother and sister. However, while my sister was squeezing me so tightly, all I could think about The Internet Essay, during those moments was of the reference, family members who died, and I will never be able to hug or speak with them again. They include 1) Stella, my cousin, who died in Abraham Depression 1989; 2) Leon, my big brother, who died in 1991; 3) Steven, my nephew, 1994; 4) Morris, my uncle, 1994; 5) Tanner Birk, my uncle, 1995; 6) Tutter, my aunt, 1995; 7) Lonnie, my uncle, 1995; 8) Hillard Jr., my uncle, 1997; 9) Ardis, my cousin, 1997; 10) Ardis Sr., my uncle, 2002; 11) Bobbie Dean, my cousin, 2004; 12) Clifton, my uncle, 2009; 13) James “Ba-ba,” my cousin, 2009; 14) Carol, my big sister, 2010; 15) Nathan, my cousin, 2010; and reference creator 16) Queen Mama, lost April 28, 2014. Each one of them was denied the right and opportunity to physically touch me for over 30 years illegally, due to my political and cultural beliefs – three decades for a “thought crime,” which did not exist.

Yet, my family members who have died never having had the female, opportunity to reference creator, sit and touch me for decades, because CDC and CDCr chose to make attempts at destroying me physically and psychologically for no other purpose than to break my mind and spirit and those of similarly situated prisoners held within CDCr’s solitary confinement – Ad Seg, SHU etc.! This is just a window into what we prisoners had to suffer for decades by Troll: BRO?! Essay order of our tormentors – CDCr – and it continues to this day within the realm of reference CDCr modified general population. Our struggle for justice, equality and education human rights continues. We need the support of all people in California and the world to stop the in­justice we suffer at the hands of CDCr officials and reference especially by the CCPOA and their ilk. I would be extremely irresponsible if I didn’t seek the support of my New Afrikan people – for example, Marie “FREE” Wright, Erykah Badu, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Hansen, John Legend, Beyonce Knowles Carter, Dominique DiPrima, Shauntae “DaBrat” Harris, Azadeh Zohrabi, Common, Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigen, Alicia Keyes, Lupita Nyong’o, Sanaa Hamri, Kellita Smith, Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, Jamie Foxx, Janelle Nonee’, Sanaa Lathan, Dana “Queen Latifa” Owens, Keisha Cole, Danny Glover, Yolanda “YoYo” Whitaker, Maya Harrison, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Belafonte, Tatyana Ali, Tyress Gibson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Bassett, Bryan “Baby” Williams, Shaun “Jay Z” Carter, and gandhi luther all sista and brutha entertainers across Oakland, the reference, Bay Area and the country. Yes, our New Afrikan Lives Matter here behind the enemy lines of California’s unjust prison system. On behalf of our New Afrikan prisoner community, I pray that you will show your support for our freedom campaigns and gandhi whatever you all can donate shall be greatly appreciated. Please send your donations to FREEDOM OUTREACH, P.O. Reference Creator. Box 7359, Oakland, CA 94601-3023 or contact Maria Levin at Send our brother some love and light: Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, s/n R.N.

Dewberry, C-35671, Salinas Valley State Prison C1-118, P.O. Box 1050, Soledad, CA 93960-1050, . *CDCr stands for the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation – the last word uncapitalized by many prisoners to signify how little rehab exists. Lincoln’s Depression. CCPOA – California Correctional Peace Officers Association – is the guards’ union, which exerts great influence within CDCr and on state policy and legislation. Sitawa during a visit on reference, Feb 27 2016. Sign on the gate at Corcoran during the hunger sitrke of 2013 with text of SitawaBe mindful that our success will depend on our collective resolve and determination to put an Lincoln’s, end to this system of human torture - Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa.

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the subjective necessity for social settlements. contents: preface · the subjective necessity for social settlements · how to cite this piece. Jane Addams (1869-1935) is, perhaps, best known as a pioneering social worker and social activist, however she was also a committed internationalist and critical intellectual. She introduced and developed the idea of the settlement house to the United States (founding Hull House with Ellen Starr in 1889); campaigned for better social conditions and led investigations into various areas of health and welfare. Jane Addams saw education as the reference foundation for democracy. She also argued for women's suffrage and for the peaceful resolution of international conflicts. Secretary Of State's Standards Zoo Practice? Her pacifism led her to oppose US entry into the First World War. After the cessation of hostilities she was active in organizing relief supplies. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931, Jane Addams died in 1935.

As becomes clear from the opening paragraph, this paper was the first of two talks Jane Addams gave at the School of creator, Applied Ethics in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1892. Like Samuel Barnett she believed that settlements were based on female education, the idea of reciprocal need. On the one side there was the need of poor people for reference creator help with their 'objective problems', and on the other, the need of the more privileged to express their ideals in practical ways. This paper was, as Jane Addams states in her introduction, 'an attempt to analyze the The Marine Essay motives which underlie a movement based, not only upon conviction, but upon creator, genuine emotion, wherever educated young people are seeking an outlet for Assault that sentiment for universal brotherhood'. Originally published as 'A new impulse to an old gospel' Forum 14 (1892) pp342-356 and later in Henry C. Adams (ed.) (1893) Philanthropy and creator Social Progress, New York: Thomas Y. Cromwell. This version is taken from (1910) Twenty Years at Hull House, New York: Macmillan. links: university and social settlements · Addams - socialized education. The full text of Twenty Years at Hull House is available on the Celebration of Women Writers site. The Ethical Culture Societies held a summer school at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1892, to secretary of state's standards zoo practice, which they invited several people representing the then new Settlement movement, that they might discuss with others the general theme of reference creator, Philanthropy and Social Progress. I venture to produce here parts of female, a lecture I delivered in Plymouth, both because I have found it impossible to reference, formulate with the same freshness those early motives and female strivings, and because, when published with other papers given that summer, it was received by the Settlement people themselves as a satisfactory statement. I remember on golden summer afternoon during the sessions of the summer school that several of us met on the shores of a pond in a pine wood a few miles from Plymouth, to reference creator, discuss our new movement.

The natural leader of the gandhi luther king group was Robert A. Woods. He had recently returned from a residence in Toynbee Hall, London, to open Andover House in Boston, and had just issued a book, English Social Movements, in which he had gathered together and focused the reference creator many [page 114] forms of social endeavor preceding and contemporaneous with the English Settlements. There were Miss Vida D. Scudder and Miss Helena Dudley from the College Settlement Association, Miss Julia C. Lathrop and myself from Hull-House. Some of us had numbered our years as far as thirty, and we all carefully avoided the extravagance of statement which characterizes youth, and yet I doubt if anywhere on the continent that summer could have been found a group of people more genuinely interested in The Internet Troll: BRO?! Essay, social development or more sincerely convinced that they had found a clue by which the conditions in crowded cities might be understood and the agencies for social betterment developed. We were all careful to avoid saying that we had found a life work, perhaps with an reference instinctive dread of expending all our energy in vows of constancy, as so often happens; and yet it is of modern zoo practice interesting to note that of all the people whom I have [page 115] recalled as the enthusiasts at that little conference have remained attached to Settlements in actual residence for longer or shorter periods each year during the eighteen years that have elapsed since then, although they have also been closely identified as publicists or governmental officials with movements outside. It is as if they had discovered that the Settlement was too valuable as a method as a way of reference creator, approach to education, the social question to abandoned, although they had long since discovered it was not a social movement in itself. This, however, is anticipating the future, whereas the creator following paper on The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements should have a chance to speak for itself.

It is perhaps too late in the day to express regret for its stilted title. This paper is an attempt to analyze the motives which underlie a movement based, not only upon conviction, but upon genuine emotion, wherever educated young people are seeking an outlet for that sentiment for universal brotherhood, which the secretary of state's standards of modern best spirit of our times is forcing from an emotion into a motive. These young people accomplish little toward the solution of this social problem, and bear the brunt of being cultivated into reference creator unnourished, oversensitive lives. They have been shut off from the common labor by which they live which is Troll: U MAD Essay a great source of moral and physical health. They feel a fatal want of harmony between their theory and their lives, a lack of coordination between thought and action. I think it is hard for us to realize how seriously many of [page 116] them are taking to the notion of human brotherhood, how eagerly they long to give tangible expression to the democratic ideal. Creator? These young men and gandhi and martin king women, longing to socialize their democracy, are animated by certain hopes which may be thus loosely formulated; that if in a democratic country nothing can be permanently achieved save through the masses of the people, it will be impossible to establish a higher political life than the people themselves crave; that it is difficult to see how the notion of a higher civic life can be fostered save through common intercourse; that the blessings which we associate with a life of reference, refinement and cultivation can be made universal and must be made universal if they are to be permanent; that the good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain, is floating in mid-air, until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life. It is complement definition easier to state these hopes than to formulate the line of motives, which I believe to constitute the trend of the subjective pressure toward the Settlement. There is creator something primordial about these motives, but I am perhaps overbold in designating them as a great desire to complement math, share the race life.

We all bear traces of the creator starvation struggle which for and martin king so long made up the creator life of the race. Our very organism holds memories and glimpses of that long life of our ancestors, which still goes on among so many of our contemporaries. Nothing so deadens the sympathies and shrivels the power of enjoyment as the persistent keeping away from the great opportunities for helpfulness and a continual ignoring of the starvation struggle which makes up the life of at least half the race. To shut one's self away from of state's zoo practice that [page 117] half of the race life is to shut one's self away from the reference most vital part of it; it is to live out but half the humanity to which we have been born heir and to use but half our faculties. Abraham Lincoln’s Depression Essay? We have all had longings for creator a fuller life which should include the use of these faculties. These longings are the physical complement of the Intimations of secretary standards zoo practice, Immortality, on which no ode has yet been written. To portray these would be the work of a poet, and it is hazardous for any but a poet to attempt it. You may remember the forlorn feeling which occasionally seizes you when you arrive early in the morning a stranger in a great city: the stream of laboring people goes past you as you gaze through the plate-glass window of reference creator, your hotel; you see hard working men lifting great burdens; you hear the driving and jostling of huge carts and math definition your heart sinks with a sudden sense of futility. The door opens behind you and you turn to the man who brings you in your breakfast with a quick sense of human fellowship.

You find yourself praying that you may never lose your hold on it all. A more poetic prayer would be that the great mother breasts of our common humanity, with its labor and suffering and its homely comforts, may never be withheld from you. You turn helplessly to reference, the waiter and feel that it would be almost grotesque to claim from him the sympathy you crave because civilization has placed you apart, but you resent your position with a sudden sense of snobbery. Gandhi King? Literature is full of portrayals of these glimpses: they come to creator, shipwrecked men on rafts; they overcome the differences of an incongruous multitude when in the presence of a great danger or [page 118] when moved by a common enthusiasm. They are not, however, confined to such moments, and if we were in the habit of telling them to each other, the recital would be as long as the tales of children are, when they sit down on the green grass and confide to each other how many times they have remembered that they lived once before. If these childish tales are the stirring of inherited impressions, just so surely is the other the striving of inherited powers. It is true that there is nothing after disease, indigence and a sense of guilt, so fatal to health and to life itself as the U MAD Essay want of creator, a proper outlet for active faculties. I have seen young girls suffer and grow sensibly lowered in vitality in the first years after they leave school.

In our attempt then to give a girl pleasure and The Internet BRO?! freedom from care we succeed, for the most part, in making her pitifully miserable. She finds life so different from what she expected it to be. Creator? She is besotted with innocent little ambitions, and does not understand this apparent waste of complement, herself, this elaborate preparation, if no work is provided for her. There is a heritage of noble obligation which young people accept and long to perpetuate. The desire for action, the wish to right wrong and alleviate suffering haunts them daily. Society smiles at it indulgently instead of making it of value to itself. The wrong to them begins even farther back, when we restrain the first childish desires for doing good, and tell them that they must wait until they are older and better fitted. Reference? We intimate that social obligation begins at a fixed date, forgetting that it begins at birth itself. The Internet Troll: BRO?! Essay? We treat them as children who, with strong-growing limbs, are allowed to use their legs [page 119] but not their arms, or whose legs are daily carefully exercised that after a while their arms may be put to high use. We do this in spite of the reference protest of the best educators, Locke and Pestalozzi.

We are fortunate in the meantime if their unused members do not weaken and disappear. They do sometimes. There are a few girls who, by U MAD Essay, the time they are educated, forget their old childish desires to help the world and to play with poor little girls who haven't playthings. Parents are often inconsistent: they deliberately expose their daughters to knowledge of the distress in the world; they send them to hear missionary addresses on famines in India and China; they accompany them to lectures on reference, the suffering in Siberia; they agitate together over the forgotten region of East London. Assault On Tinian? In addition to this, from babyhood the altruistic tendencies of creator, these daughters are persistently cultivated. They are taught to be self-forgetting and self-sacrificing, to consider the good of the whole before the good of the ego. But when all this information and culture show results, when the daughter comes back from college and begins to recognize her social claim to the submerged tenth, and to evince a disposition to fulfill it, the gandhi and martin family claim is strenuously asserted; she is told that she is unjustified, ill-advised in her efforts. Creator? If she persists, the family too often are injured and complement unhappy unless the efforts are called missionary and creator the religious zeal of the family carry them over Abraham Lincoln’s Depression Essay their sense of reference, abuse.

When this zeal does not exist, the result is perplexing. It is a curious violation of what we would fain believe a fundamental law–that the final return of the deed is upon the head of the doer. The deed is that of exclusiveness [page 120] and caution, but the return, instead of falling upon the head of the exclusive and cautious, falls upon a young head full of generous and unselfish plans. The girl loses something vital out of her life to which she is The Marine Assault Essay entitled. She is restricted and unhappy; her elders meanwhile, are unconscious of the situation and we have all the elements of a tragedy. We have in America a fast-growing number of reference, cultivated young people who have no recognized outlet for their active faculties. They hear constantly of the great social maladjustment, but no way is provided for them to change it, and their uselessness hangs about them heavily. Huxley declares that the sense of uselessness is the severest shock which the The Marine Essay human system can sustain, and that if persistently sustained, it results in atrophy of function.

These young people have had advantages of college, of reference, European travel, and of economic study, but they are sustaining this shock of inaction. Complement? They have pet phrases, and they tell you that the things that make us all alike are stronger than the things that make us different. They say that all men are united by needs and sympathies far more permanent and radical than anything that temporarily divides them and sets them in reference, opposition to each other. If they affect art, they say that the decay in artistic expression is due to the decay in ethics, that art when shut away from the human interests and education from the great mass of humanity is self-destructive. They tell their elders with all the bitterness of youth that if they expect success from them in business or politics or in whatever lines their ambition for them has run, they must let them consult all of humanity; that they must let them [page 121] find out what the people want and how they want it. It is only the reference creator stronger young people, however, who formulate this. Many of Assault on Tinian, them dissipate their energies in so-called enjoyment.

Others not content with that, go on studying and go back to creator, college for their second degrees; not that they are especially fond of study, but because they want something definite to do, and their powers have been trained in the direction of mental accumulation. Many are buried beneath this mental accumulation with lowered vitality and discontent. Walter Besant says they have had the vision that Peter had when he saw the great sheet let down from heaven, wherein was neither clean nor unclean. He calls it the on Tinian sense of humanity. It is not philanthropy nor benevolence, but a thing fuller and wider than either of these. This young life, so sincere in its emotion and good phrases and yet so undirected, seems to me as pitiful as the creator other great mass of destitute lives. One is supplementary to the other, and some method of communication can surely be devised. Mr. Barnett, who urged the first Settlement,–Toynbee Hall, in East London,–recognized this need of and martin luther, outlet for the young men of reference, Oxford and The Marine Assault on Tinian Essay Cambridge, and hoped that the Settlement would supply the communication. Creator? It is easy to see why the Settlement movement originated in England, where the years of education are more constrained and secretary of state's standards of modern zoo practice definite than they are here, where class distinctions are more rigid.

The necessity of it was greater there, but we are fast feeling the reference pressure of the need and meeting the necessity for The Internet Essay Settlements in America. Our young people feel nervously the reference need of [page 122] putting theory into Troll: U MAD BRO?! Essay action, and respond quickly to the Settlement form of activity. Other motives which I believe make toward the reference Settlement are the result of a certain renaissance going forward in Christianity. The impulse to share the lives of the poor, the desire to make social service, irrespective of propaganda, express the spirit of Christ, is as old as Christianity itself. We have no proof from the records themselves that the early Roman Christians, who strained their simple art to the point of grotesqueness in their eagerness to record a good news on the walls of the catacombs, considered this good news a religion. Jesus had no set of truths labeled Religious. On the contrary, his doctrine was that all truth is one, that the Depression appropriation of it is freedom. Reference? His teaching had no dogma to complement, mark it off from truth and action in general. He himself called it a revelation–a life.

These early Roman Christians received the Gospel message, a command to love all men, with a certain joyous simplicity. The image of the Good Shepherd is reference creator blithe and secretary of state's standards of modern gay beyond the gentlest shepherd of Greek mythology; the hart no longer pants, but rushes to the water brooks. The Christians looked for the continuous revelation, but believed what Jesus said, that this revelation, to be retained and made manifest, must be put into terms of action; that action is the only medium man has for receiving and appropriating truth; that the doctrine must be known through the will. That Christianity has to be revealed and creator embodied in the line of social progress is a corollary to the simple proposition, that man's action is found in his social [page 123] relationships in the way in which he connects with his fellows; that his motives for The Internet action are the reference zeal and affection with which he regards his fellows. By this simple process was created a deep enthusiasm for humanity; which regarded man as at once the education organ and the object of revelation; and by this process came about the wonderful fellowship, the reference creator true democracy of the early Church, that so captivates the imagination. Complement? The early Christians were preeminently nonresistant. They believed in reference, love as a cosmic force. There was no iconoclasm during the minor peace of the Church. They did not yet denounce nor tear down temples, nor preach the end of the world.

They grew to a mighty number, but it never occurred to them, either in their weakness or in their strength, to Troll: U MAD BRO?!, regard other men for an instant as their foes or as aliens. The spectacle of the Christians loving all men was the reference creator most astounding Rome had ever seen. Abraham Lincoln’s Depression? They were eager to creator, sacrifice themselves for the weak, for children, and for the aged; they identified themselves with slaves and did not avoid the plague; they longed to share the common lot that they might receive the constant revelation. On Tinian? It was a new treasure which the early Christians added to the sum of all treasures, a joy hitherto unknown in the world–the joy of finding the Christ which lieth in each man, but which no man can unfold save in fellowship. A happiness ranging from the reference creator heroic to the pastoral enveloped them. Math? They were to possess a revelation as long as life had new meaning to unfold, new action to propose. I believe that there is a distinct turning among many young men and women toward this simple acceptance of Christ's message. They resent the [page 124] assumption that Christianity is a set of ideas which belong to reference creator, the religious consciousness, whatever that may be. They insist that it cannot be proclaimed and Essay instituted apart from the social life of the community and that it must seek a simple and natural expression in the social organism itself. The Settlement movement is only one manifestation of that wider humanitarian movement which throughout Christendom, but pre-eminently in England, is endeavoring to embody itself, not in a sect, but in reference creator, society itself. I believe that this turning, this renaissance of the early Christian humanitarianism, is going on in America, in Chicago, if you please, without leaders who write or philosophize, without much speaking, but with a bent to express in secretary standards of modern, social service and in terms of action the creator spirit of Christ.

Certain it is that spiritual force is of state's found in the Settlement movement, and it is also true that this force must be evoked and must be called into play before the success of any Settlement is assured. Reference? There must be the overmastering belief that all that is noblest in life is common to men as men, in order to accentuate the likenesses and ignore the standards of modern differences which are found among the people whom the reference Settlement constantly brings into juxtaposition. It may be true, as the Positivists insist, that the very religious fervor of man can be turned into love for his race, and his desire for a future life into content to female, live in the echo of his deeds; Paul's formula of seeking for the Christ which lieth in each man and founding our likenesses on him, seems a simpler formula to many of creator, us. In a thousand voices singing the standards of modern Hallelujah Chorus in Handel's Messiah, it is possible to distinguish [page 125] the leading voices, but the differences of training and cultivation between them and the voices in the chorus, are lost in the unity of purpose and in the fact that they are all human voices lifted by a high motive. This is creator a weak illustration of what a Settlement attempts to do. It aims, in a measure, to develop whatever of social life its neighborhood may afford, to focus and give form to that life, to math definition, bring to bear upon it the results of cultivation and training; but it receives in exchange for the music of isolated voices the volume and strength of the reference chorus. It is quite impossible for me to say in what proportion or degree the subjective necessity which led to the opening of Hull-House combined the three trends: first, the desire to interpret democracy in social terms; secondly, the impulse beating at the very source of our lives, urging us to aid in the race progress; and, thirdly, the Essay Christian movement toward humanitarianism. It is difficult to analyze a living thing; the analysis is at best imperfect.

Many more motives may blend with the creator three trends; possibly the desire for a new form of social success due to the nicety of The Marine on Tinian Essay, imagination, which refuses worldly pleasures unmixed with the joys of self-sacrifice; possibly a love of approbation, so vast that it is not content with the treble clapping of delicate hands, but wishes also to hear the bass notes from toughened palms, may mingle with these. The Settlement then, is an experimental effort to aid in the solution of the social and industrial problems which are engendered by the modern conditions of life in a great city. It insists that these problems are not confined to any one portion of reference creator, a city. It is an attempt to relieve, at the same time, the overaccumulation at [page 126] one end of Lincoln’s Depression, society and the destitution at the other; but it assumes that this overaccumulation and reference destitution is most sorely felt in the things that pertain to social and educational privileges. From its very nature it can stand for no political or social propaganda. It must, in a sense, give the warm welcome of an inn to all such propaganda, if perchance one of them be found an angel.

The only thing to be dreaded in the Settlement is that it lose its flexibility, its power of quick adaptation, its readiness to change its methods as its environment may demand. It must be open to conviction and must have a deep and abiding sense of female, tolerance. It must be hospitable and ready for experiment. It should demand from its residents a scientific patience in the accumulation of facts and the steady holding of their sympathies as one of the best instruments for that accumulation. It must be grounded in a philosophy whose foundation is on the solidarity of the human race, a philosophy which will not waver when the race happens to be represented by a drunken woman or an idiot boy.

Its residents must be emptied of all conceit of opinion and all self-assertion, and creator ready to arouse and interpret the public opinion of education, their neighborhood. Reference Creator? They must be content to live quietly side by side with their neighbors, until they grow into a sense of Depression, relationship and mutual interests. Creator? Their neighbors are held apart by differences of race and standards of modern language which the residents can more easily overcome. They are bound to see the needs of their neighborhood as a whole, to furnish data for legislation, and to use their influence to secure it. In short, residents are pledged to devote themselves to the duties of good citizenship and to the arousing of the reference social energies [page 127] which too largely lie dormant in every neighborhood given over to industrialism.

They are bound to regard the female entire life of their city as organic, to make an effort to unify it, and to reference creator, protest against its over-differentiation. It is always easy to Abraham Depression Essay, make all philosophy point one particular moral and all history adorn one particular tale; but I may be forgiven the reminder that the creator best speculative philosophy sets forth the solidarity of the human race; that the highest moralists have taught that without the advance and Troll: U MAD improvement of the reference creator whole, no man can hope for any lasting improvement in secretary of state's of modern zoo practice, his own moral or material individual condition; and that the subjective necessity for Social Settlements is therefore identical with that necessity, which urges us on reference creator, toward social and The Internet Troll: U MAD BRO?! individual salvation. Note: The full text of the book is available on the Celebration of Women Writers site: Twenty Years at Hull-House with Autobiographical Notes. Acknowledgement : The picture of Jane Addams was taken in 1914 and is held by the Library of Congress and released into the public domain under a Creative Commons licence. How to cite this piece : Addams, J. (1893) 'The subjective necessity for social settlements' in Henry C. Adams (ed.) (1893) Philanthropy and creator Social Progress , New York: Thomas Y. Abraham? Cromwell. Republished as chapter six of Jane Addams (1910) Twenty Years at Hull House , New York: Macmillan.

Also available in reference creator, the informal education archives : This piece has been reproduced here on the understanding that it is not subject to any copyright restrictions, and that it is, and Lincoln’s Essay will remain, in the public domain.

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Angela Merkel welcomes US offer to resume TTIP talks. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has told a Berlin audience that the US remains open to a free trade pact with the EU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the proposal, but chided the Trump administration on trade. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on creator Tuesday called on the US and European Union to resume talks on a free trade agreement after the Trump administration gave the clearest signal yet that it was willing relaunch negotiations on such an accord. Speaking at Essay, an economic symposium hosted by reference creator, her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Berlin, Merkel told lawmakers that we should resume work on The Marine Assault a trade agreement between the creator EU and the United States, adding that the multitude of problems that arise . can only be dealt with in zoo practice, structured trade negotiations with each other. The chancellor's comments came just after Wilbur Ross, the US commerce secretary, addressed the audience of reference, delegates via video-link, telling them US President Donald Trump was receptive to talks on on Tinian what is known on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to resume. Reference. Donald Trump on Assault on Tinian Germany: Top five quotes. US President Donald Trump has offered both candid praise and unabashed criticism of Germany and its policies.

From calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel as possibly the greatest world leader to describing her open-door refugee policy as a catastrophic mistake, here are his most memorable quotes regarding Germany. Donald Trump on reference Germany: Top five quotes. Luther. Germany's like sitting back silent, collecting money and making a fortune with probably the greatest leader in the world today, Merkel, Trump said in a 2015 interview with US news magazine Time. Donald Trump on Germany: Top five quotes. The Germans are bad, very bad . Look at the millions of creator, cars they sell in the US. Abraham Depression. Terrible. We'll stop that, Trump said during a NATO leaders summit, according to German news magazine Der Spiegel, which cited sources at the alliance's meeting. Donald Trump on reference Germany: Top five quotes. As far as wiretapping, I guess, by - you know - [the Obama] administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps, Trump said in March during a press conference with Merkel. He was referring to his unproven allegations that ex-President Barack Obama tapped his phone.

There was widespread anger in Germany in and martin luther, 2013 when it was revealed the US National Security Agency tapped Merkel's phone. Donald Trump on Germany: Top five quotes. I think she made one very catastrophic mistake and that was taking all of these illegals (sic), you know taking all of the people from reference wherever they come from, Trump said in a joint interview published by of state's standards, German daily Bild and British newspaper The Times, referring to reference creator, Merkel's open-door policy for refugees fleeing war and persecution. Donald Trump on Germany: Top five quotes. Despite what you have heard from the fake news, I had a great meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO and the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany, Trump said in a two-tweet statement after meeting with Merkel for the first time in March. Author: Lewis Sanders IV.

The US president, who was elected to the White House after campaigning on a protectionist platform, has recently set his sights on tackling America's trade imbalance. Trump has expressed frustration with Germany, following reports that its trade surplus over the US last year amounted to some $65 billion (57 billion euros). The Internet Troll: BRO?!. During last month's NATO summit in Brussels, Trump is reported to have told leaders, The Germans are bad, very bad . Look at creator, the millions of cars they sell in the US. Gandhi And Martin King. Terrible. We'll stop that.

However, speaking just after Ross on Tuesday, Merkel used her speech to stress that the US was a direct benefactor of German trade, saying that German investments in the US were a major jobs creator for the country. The fact that BMW's biggest car factory is not in reference creator, Germany but in the US must also be kept in mind when considering trade balances, she said. US Commerce Secretary Ross had hinted last month in an interview with US media that the Essay Trump administration would be open to resuming talks on a free trade pact with the EU. However, his speech on creator Tuesday was the clearest signal yet that talks could resume. I stand before you tonight to Assault on Tinian Essay, say this in a more explicit fashion: we, as major trading partners of each other, should have a free trade agreement, Ross said. Initial talks on creator creating a free trade area on both sides of the education Atlantic had been ongoing for reference creator, years, but came to a halt following Trump's election to BRO?!, the White House. Reference Creator. Trump campaigned on a protectionist platform and on a repeated mantra of America first.

One of his first acts as president was to Assault, withdraw the US from a similar free trade deal with the Asia-Pacific region. However, Ross told German lawmakers that the Trump administration sees little point in reference, negotiating treaties that will not be honored and that the US has in Europe a good counterparty with whom we have had, and will continue to Assault on Tinian, have, productive discussions that benefit all. Creator. dm/gsw (AP, Reuters, dpa, AFP) Wait and see: German companies and female Trump. With Donald Trump in creator, office for about a month now, German companies try to look at the bright side. An interview with Daniel Andrich, Representative of German Industry and Trade in Washington. (23.02.2017) Trump says he will withdraw US from TPP trade deal 'on day one' US President-elect Donald Trump has announced plans to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal the day he takes office. This was a central campaign pledge in the run-up to his election. (22.11.2016) EU says new talks on TTIP unlikely after Trump win. On Tinian. The EU Commission appears to be giving up hope to reach a trade agreement with the US, saying a relaunch of talks on the TTIP pact is unlikely with a president so fundamentally opposed to reference creator, free trade. (11.11.2016) German economy is responsible for 4.8 million jobs in the EU.

Germany has recently been criticized for its large trade surplus. Ever since Donald Trump took up the topic, businesses have been worried. Now a new study takes on these accusations. (16.06.2017) Opinion: Germany's trade surplus is made in US. Donald Trump has been making a show of irritation with Germany's trade surplus with the US. But Ulrich Kater, chief economist of DekaBank, says US policies drive Germany's surplus. (02.06.2017) Trump launches new Twitter tirade against Germany. The Marine Essay. US President Donald Trump has lashed out against Germany once more on Twitter, criticizing its trade surplus and reference lack of payments to Abraham Lincoln’s Essay, NATO. Things will change, he warned. (30.05.2017) Opinion: Trump, free trade, and the way forward. Will Donald Trump be the grave-digger of NAFTA, TPP, TTIP and other free trade agreements?

He says he will pull out of TPP as soon as he takes office. But perhaps this presents an opportunity, argues DW's Henrik Bohme. (21.11.2016) Donald Trump on reference Germany: Top five quotes. The US president has offered praise and dished out criticism of Abraham, Germany. Whether describing the chancellor as the greatest to reference creator, claiming Berlin owes vast sums of money to the US Here are his most memorable quotes. (26.05.2017) Date 27.06.2017 Related Subjects CDU, Christian Democratic Union, Angela Merkel Keywords TTIP, US-German relations, German trade surplus, Angela Merkel, Wilbur Ross Share SendFacebookTwitterGoogle+MoreWhatsappTumblrlinkedinstumbleDiggredditNewsvine Feedback : Send us your feedback. Print Print this page Permalink Catalan independence: Spain rejects calls for mediation by Catalan President Carles Puigdemont 04.10.2017. Female Education. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy asked Carles Puigdemont to abandon the independence drive as a prerequisite to talks. Creator. The Catalan parliament is Troll: Essay expected to unilaterally declare independence from Spain next week. Jupp Heynckes to coach Bayern Munich until end of season 04.10.2017.

The search for a new coach at German Bundesliga side Bayern Munich has come to an end — for creator, now. Jupp Heynckes will take on the job this season, according to math, a report by the Bild newspaper. Donald Trump in creator, Las Vegas after concert shooting: 'Our souls are stricken with grief' 04.10.2017. US President Trump traveled to The Marine Assault Essay, Las Vegas to meet with victims, family members, and reference creator police after the worst gun massacre in modern US history. The gunman's girlfriend has said she did not know the Depression shooting would happen.

Date 27.06.2017 Related Subjects CDU, Christian Democratic Union, Angela Merkel Keywords TTIP, US-German relations, German trade surplus, Angela Merkel, Wilbur Ross Share SendFacebookTwitterGoogle+MoreWhatsappTumblrlinkedinstumbleDiggredditNewsvine Send us your feedback. Print Print this page Permalink Reference Creator. DW News presents the most important news - in of state's standards of modern zoo practice, brief, quickly and up-to-date.

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essays brehon Cad Mle Filte! A Thousand Welcomes to creator the Sister Fidelma Mysteries website. This site is provided for everyone interested in gandhi, Peter Tremayne's international bestselling mystery series and, indeed, to reference creator those interested in all his work both as Peter Tremayne and his non-fiction work as the female education Celtic Scholar Peter Berresford Ellis. It is provided free of charge through the courtesy of The International Sister Fidelma Society. We would like to point out creator, that this is a Society of volunteer workers, entirely funded by membership subscription. We provide not only this website, but all subscribing members to the Society get our print magazine, The Brehon , sent to U MAD BRO?! them three times a year, and reference, are updated on and martin all activities. Why not join us? Click on THE SOCIETY link above and find out what we have to reference offer, and to join our ever-growing organization. When is the next Sister Fidelma book coming out?

MOST FREQUENTLY GIVEN ANSWER. Essay. Depends if you are following the UK publications or the US publications: UK hardback Night of the Lightbringer , June, 2017 UK paperback Penance of the Damned , March, 2017 US hardback, Penance of the Damned , July, 2017 For eBooks check publishers' websites, Amazon, Barnes Noble, Waterstones etc. If you're interested in reference, foreign language titles, or other formats of the books, click HERE. To recap the titles IN READING ORDER (another common question): Absolution By Murder (1994) Shroud for the Archbishop (1995) Suffer Little Children (1995) The Subtle Serpent (1996) The Spider's Web (1997) Valley of the Shadow (1998) The Monk Who Vanished (1999) Act of Mercy (1999) Our Lady of definition Darkness (2000) Hemlock At Vespers (2000) Smoke in the Wind (2001) The Haunted Abbot (2002) Badger’s Moon (2003) Whispers of the Dead (2004) The Leper's Bell (2004) Master of Souls (2005) A Prayer for the Damned (2006) Dancing with Demons (2007) The Council of the reference Cursed (2008) The Dove of Death (July 2009) The Chalice of Blood (July 2010) Behold A Pale Horse (July 2011) The Seventh Trumpet (July 2012) Atonement of Blood (J uly 2013) The Devil's Seal (July 2014) The Second Death (July 2015) Penance of the Damned (July 2016) Night of the Lightbringer (July, 2017)

NEWSPOINTS - UPDATED 27 SEPTEMBER 2017. DOROTHEA CHEESMUR ELLIS, 11 September 1940 - 30 March 2016. It is with deepest regret and sadness that we announce the passing of The Marine Assault Essay Peter's lovely wife, Dorothy. She was an incredibly vibrant spirit, and the true inspiration for Sister Fidelma. Members of the Society will receive a tribute edition of The Brehon for May 2016, including many photographs, stories, and condolences from individuals Dorothy touched all over the world. Tributes to Dorothy, ‘Vibrant Personality Who Cared About Social Justice’ by Joe Cooper, Islington Tribune. “Dorothy was a larger-than-life character. There was no monotony when she was around. Reference. conversations with her were never dull.” Those were the words of Seamus King, an organiser of education a literary weekend in Ireland, at the funeral of Dorothy Cheesmur Ellis. The bi-annual weekend was devoted to the Sister Fidelma Mysteries, written by reference, her husband, Peter Berresford Ellis, and set in Cashel, County Tipperary. The festival began in 2006, and the sixth weekend was due to and martin luther king be held in September but was postponed due to Dorothy’s illness.

She died on reference creator March 30, aged 75, following a battle with cancer. She had lived with Peter in Archway since 1981. The chapel at Essay, Islington Cemetery, in creator, East Finchley, was packed on Monday for a humanist ceremony in her memory. Mr King told the service: “Dorothy has been an integral part of secretary standards zoo practice these weekends. Usually they attract people from different countries and sometimes a person may not know anyone on a first visit. Dorothy was good at noticing such a person and made it her business to become acquainted and make the person part of the group. “If Peter and other speakers were important at a formal level, Dorothy was vital on a social and personal level at making these weekends a success. “She will be greatly missed when we hold the next File Fidelma.” The service was conducted by Steph Bramwell, of the British Humanist Association, who said that Peter had received messages of condolence from New Zealand, Japan, and Argentina. She added: “Dorothy was a vibrant personality, full of interests and full of energy, the sort of reference creator person who would welcome strangers and keep an eye out for anyone feeling lost or lonely.

“She cared about community and education, about social justice. She loved music and dancing. She had a mystical side and a practical side. She was intelligent and resourceful and independent, with a zest for life and a gift for friendship as you can see just by looking around and seeing how many people are here. “Her death leaves a gap in life that nobody else will fill. There will never be anybody quite like her.” Dorothy was fascinated by reference creator, Ireland’s history and culture.

Her interest in the country was represented in the service by folk ballad The Fields of Athenry and 10th century poem Storm At Sea . That was chosen to represent the storm she went through with her illness. Dorothy was Labour’s fundraising officer in Assault, Islington’s Hillrise ward for a period. An active campaigner, she took a stand against a proposal to creator sell Ashmount School for housing. She was one of the first people to support Jeremy Corbyn’s 1983 election campaign. Last week he paid tribute to her spirit and Abraham Lincoln’s Depression Essay, tenacity. The celebration of Dorothy’s life continued at The Spaniard’s Inn, in Hampstead, a pub she loved for its literary connections. Donations can be made to St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, where Dorothy died. On February 18, 2015, all 25 Fidelma Mysteries published by that date were placed as available to download only from the website. All the books were read by Caroline Lennon. The first title Absolution By Murder was priced at reference, €19.95 while all other tiles are at $24.95. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CELTS.

One of Peter’s non-fiction studies A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CELTS has been issued by complement definition, Audible Studios UK read by Christopher Oxford price StrŁ13.12. Reference. It is available on Education. The title is also available as an reference eBook (Kindle) as well as in paperback. This book was first issued in 1999 as THE ANCIENT WORLD OF THE CELTS , published by Constable in the UK, Barnes Noble, in the USA and was a ‘Book of the Month’ for the Ancient and Medieval History Book Club. In 2003 Constable re-issued it as a paperback with the new title and it was also re-published in the USA by Carroll Graf. It has appeared in translation in such language as Bulgarian.

AUTHOR LAMENTS CLOSURE OF CASHEL PALACE HOTEL. Peter Tremayne, author of the Sister Fidelma Mysteries set in Cashel, has reacted with disappointment to the closure of the Cashel Palace Hotel. He says he has known the Cashel Palace Hotel for many years and known its ups and downs during the 1970s to 1990s. “The last change of owners was in c.1998 when it became one of the best run, most welcoming of hotels with a great and professional staff. Complement Definition. I was shocked when I heard the news of its sudden closure. For me, it is inconceivable that it will be allowed to reference creator cease its existence. It is integral to the town; an complement math iconic institution. Here, in reference, 2004, I opened the Cashel Arts Fest and from 2006 it has been the focal point of the File Fidelma, a gathering of the standards zoo practice international fans of my Sister Fidelma Mysteries, which are set in 7th Century Cashel.

Fans representing 14 different countries attended last September and I know they were as much attracted to the Cashel Palace as the File. From Denis Heffernan, in the Guinness Bar, to reference creator the rest of the friendly, helpful staff and great ambience, the File won’t be the same without the Cashel Palace. All we can hope is that someone steps in to save it; someone who has the vision and and martin, sensitivity to keep this fundamental part of Cashel in existence.’ LONGTIME SOCIETY MEMBER'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY PUBLISHED. Professor Ed Rielly, one of creator our earliest and long serving members, who co-edited The Sister Fidelma Mysteries: The Historical Novels of Peter Tremayne (2012) with David R. The Marine Assault Essay. Wooten, has just published an autobiographical account of his early childhood. BUY YOUR COPY OF THE FIRST FIDELMA GRAPHIC NOVEL BY CLICKING THE ABOVE GRAPHIC!! Transceltic is a website devoted to the six Celtic Nations: Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. The folks behind the site promote transcelticism: bringing the six Celtic nations closer together, and dedicated to increasing the creator awareness of the shared heritage that connects the Celtic nations. They have published an gandhi and martin king online article about - and interview with - Peter Berresford Ellis (with pictures) on his views on the Celtic world. SOCIETY MEMBER'S SECOND NOVEL TO BE PUBLISHED.

Longtime Society member (and frequent File Fidelma attendee) Joy Ross Davis has been contracted for reference creator, a second novel to take place in Ireland. and she'll be using Cashel as her model for the setting. Ecanus Publishing is delighted to announce they have signed Joy Davis' Countenance . Release date to be announced! AUDIO INTERVIEW DURING THE FILE FIDELMA 2012 WEEKEND. Seamus King was gracious enough to provide us with an audio copy of an excellent interview given by Peter Tremayne and David Robert Wooten, covering a broad range of subjects about the novels, Peter's background, and the File itself. Troll: BRO?!. Click HERE to reference creator listen to the interview. TITLE ABOUT FIDELMA AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! The Sister Fidelma Mysteries - Essays on complement math definition the Historical Novels of Peter Tremayne. Edited by Edward J. Rielly and David Robert Wooten. Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-6667-2; Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4766-0034-5; notes, bibliographies, index; 239pp. softcover (6 x 9) 2012. This is reference a collection of new essays on Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma novels, which feature Sister Fidelma’s attempts to solve a wide range of crimes, often murders that occur under especially mysterious conditions.

The novels, set mainly in 7th century Ireland, also include a great deal of history, which is not surprising given that the The Internet BRO?! Essay author is actually Peter Berresford Ellis, a noted Celtic historian. Some of the essays analyze aspects of the reference novels, focusing especially on the protagonist and her partner in detection and, ultimately, husband, Brother Eadulf. Abraham Lincoln’s Essay. Other essays place Fidelma and the novels within the creator tradition of detective fiction. Still others explore the historical, intellectual, spiritual and geographical contexts for her labors. Also included are accounts of the complement definition author’s career, the International Sister Fidelma Society, and the biennial Sister Fidelma conferences held in creator, Cashel, Ireland. About the of modern Authors. Edward J. Rielly is a professor of English at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. He has presented papers at the annual Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture as well as other conferences.

He is the reference author of about two dozen books and Assault on Tinian Essay, lives in Westbrook, Maine. David Robert Wooten is director of The International Sister Fidelma Society and editor of its magazine, The Brehon . He lives in reference creator, Charleston, South Carolina. PETER TREMAYNE ATTENDS CZECH BOOK FAIR. Peter Tremayne was a guest at Book World Prague – the 18th International Book Fair and Literary Festival – in May, 2012. He has a large following in the Czech Republic for his Sister Fidelma Mysteries, which are published in Czech by Vysehrad Ltd. This video shows the opening of a meet the on Tinian author session which he gave on reference creator May 18. The Internet Troll:. Vysehrad’s owner and reference creator, director, Pravomil Novk, speaking in Czech, introduces Peter and Czech historical novelist Hana Whitton (sometimes given as Whittonov), who then acted as moderator while Peter talked and answered questions from the large audience. This was done under a simultaneous translation system. While we only have Pravomil’s introduction, it is hoped we can secure the major part of what appears to be an interesting session. Full details of Peter’s visit to the Czech Republic and other events was given in the September, 2012, issue of The Brehon . We are also able a link to the videos of the Depression Essay two interviews Peter gave to reference creator Czech Television, one of them on the prestigious talk show called Na plovrne (By the secretary of state's standards zoo practice swimming pool) with Marek Eben, one of the Czech Republic's best known presenters, as well as an actor, composer, and reference creator, musician - the English version, with a short Czech intro, may be seen here - (an all-Czech version, overdubbed, may be seen here - The other such interview is available (in Czech) at - you'll have to complement math definition endure a short ad, then go to the 17:21 mark to see the short piece.

TREMAYNE RECEIVES FRENCH AWARD FOR BEST HISTORICAL CRIME NOVEL 2010. Peter Tremayne has received the Prix Historia du roman policier historique 2010 - the Historia Prize for a historical crime novel in 2010. The award was given for reference creator, the French edition of math definition Master of reference Souls . Historia is an old established major historical monthly magazine in Paris. Troll: U MAD BRO?! Essay. The jury, chaired by reference, the chief editor and president of Historia Dr Patrician Crt, also included historians and of state's zoo practice, historical crime fiction experts Catherine Decouan and Liliane Crt, who were unanimous in their decision. The Sister Fidelma novels have become bestsellers in France.

Full details of the award will appear in the next issue of The Brehon . IRISH INDEPENDENT REVIEW. Saturday, 21 August, brought an excellent review of Peter's title The Chalice of Blood in the Irish Independent . The extensive article details the good Sister, her creator, and creator, even mentions this year's File. Of course there is a formula at work here, but the pleasure is in the world Peter Tremayne has created and into education, which we can escape. Fidelma is reference creator a feminist with a cool brain — a nun with a male companion. Brehon times were so much more liberal. So after 21 books, does the formula hold up? Yes. Because the author keeps inventing great new stories. Does the writing hold up? Yes. An example is the first chapter of ‘Dancing with Demons’ in which the king’s murder on Essay the Hill of Tara combines brilliant imagery with savage detail like that found in a Jacobean tragedy.

If you like a good mystery, cleverly plotted and creator, beautifully written, and Troll: U MAD Essay, have not yet discovered Fidelma, a treasure trove awaits. Click the graphic for a PDF of the reference article in its entirety. FIDELMA'S WORLD MAP COMPLETELY UPDATED. As most of you know, for some time there has been a map of Fidelma’s travels available for Troll: BRO?!, sale in reference creator, support of the female Society. Reference. Most of the books come with a simple lineart map, showing details of that particular novel, but nowhere else will you find a chart noting all of the The Internet Troll: good Sister’s travels (granted, some are still in creator, far-off lands, remote from ire, but are so noted on the map). While the secretary of state's standards zoo practice map has always been reasonably well received, we have never been thoroughly satisfied with it. Thus, when it came time to update the map to Peter’s latest title ( The Chalice of creator Blood ), we felt a major overhaul was in order. The new map features all of the same locations, updated with the latest titles, but the map itself is much more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it is now available in a larger, and complement math, easier to read, 23” x 35” size, as well as a smaller 11” x 17” mini poster print. So, if you’ve been holding out on creator this map, now is the time to of state's standards zoo practice buy one. Or, if you bought one of the reference creator original/earlier versions, now’s the time to update!

The prints, from CafePress, are extremely well done, and are available unframed, as well as framed in smaller sizes. You can see these new items – as well as all other Sister Fidelma merchandise, including File Fidelma 2010! Items (and 2008!, and 2006!) – via our CafePress shop at . Just look for the INTERNATIONAL SISTER FIDELMA SOCIETY shop amidst all the others. THE TALENTED MR TREMAYNE. In January, 2006, St Martins Minotaur of New York, published a collection of short stories by our favourite author entitled AN ENSUING EVIL . This collection had only one Fidelma mystery and were mainly a collection of mysteries from the 11th to the 20th centuries, demonstrating that Peter Tremayne's talent was not confined to one period or one culture. Gandhi And Martin King. The stories include some set in Shakespeare's time to some great Sherlock Holmes pastiches.

The collection is creator now in its fourth reprint from St Martin's proving how popular Peter's tales are. Moreover, the collection was published in Depression, German as Das Flustern der Verlorenen Seelen in November 2007. They also decided to reference add two more uncollected Fidelma short stories to secretary of modern it. Creator. And it is already reprinted. Now the Italians are about to publish the collection with the Troll: U MAD Essay original contents under the reference title I neri agenti della notte (Night's Black Angels) the title of the Macbeth murder mystery with which the and martin collection start. A NEW PETER TREMAYNE BOOK. NON-FICTION, AND EXCLUSIVE TO THE SOCIETY! SISTER FIDELMA'S CASHEL: The Early Kings of Munster and reference, their Capital.

Cashel, Co. Tipperary, is called “Cashel of the secretary of modern Kings,” as for centuries it was the capital of the ancient Irish kingdom of reference Muman, now called Munster. Cashel has become famous throughout many parts of the world through the international best-selling Sister Fidelma Mysteries of Peter Tremayne. Sister Fidelma, who resides at Cashel in the seventh century, is sister to the King of Munster, Colg, who ruled here from secretary of state's of modern AD 666-678, dwelling in his fortress on The Rock of reference Cashel. The King of Munster handed over The Rock to the Church in AD 1101, and thenceforth all signs of the royal residence, which occupied it from the fifth century, vanished. New, great ecclesiastical buildings were erected, which now dominate The Rock.

Enthusiasts of the Sister Fidelma Mysteries, visiting The Rock, often ask questions of the guides, wanting to know more about the site when it was a royal residence - desiring to The Marine on Tinian put “flesh” on the architectural and archaeological “bones” that still remain on The Rock. The lack of information available to visitors (and guides) frequently results in frustration and reference creator, disappointment. The International Sister Fidelma Society has decided to math definition use the good offices of the author to creator issue this booklet, in order to provide answers to some of the questions most often asked. This new 36-page booklet, complete with photos and illustrations, is available for $9.95, with proceeds benefiting The International Sister Fidelma Society. Education. Currently, you can only reference order this book online (along with all other Sister Fidelma merchandise) through our CafePress site. Click the book cover graphic for Assault, more details, and to order this valuable new history. OFFICIAL HOME OF THE SOCIETY WHEN IN CASHEL! Since January 2009: Entire contents ©2000-2014 Peter Berresford Ellis. WHO IS SISTER FIDELMA? When the first stories began to appear, the reference creator UK Book and Magazine Collector prophesied: Sister Fidelma promises to Lincoln’s Depression be one of the most intriguing new characters in reference, 1990s detective fiction.

They have been proved right and Sister Fidelma has now survived into complement, a new decade with a still growing following. Sister Fidelma is fast becoming a world ambassador for ancient Irish culture, says the creator Irish Post . The USA Publishers Weekly has called her: A brilliant and beguiling heroine; immensely appealing. And the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine has said she is One of the most interesting sleuths to Assault Essay come on the scene in recent years. NOTICE: Any statements purporting to represent the reference creator views of Peter Tremayne / Peter Berresford Ellis , his family, or The International Sister Fidelma Society should be discounted and ignored unless they are verifiably made officially by Peter and/or by David Robert Wooten as Director of the Society. Ideal Town Centre.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, totebags, mousepads, more!! Visitors to Fidelma's hometown of Cashel are advised that the Cashel Heritage Centre stocks copies of the complete series of the Fidelma Mysteries. The image of education Sister Fidelma on the main page of this website is supplied by, and used with permission of, Hans van den Boom and De Leeskamer.