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book report comanche Author of The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, etc. Book Review by C.M. Mayo. Letter! THE COMANCHE EMPIRE. Yale University, 2008. Originally published in Marfa Mondays Blog, T he cover of romeo and juliet Pekka Hämäläinen's The Comanche Empire , of a ghost-white warrior with a trio of essay letter blood-red slashes down his cheek, is as arresting as the argument that, as it opens, the characters Comanches' was an American empire that, according to conventional histories, did not exist. In the United States public discourse conflates wildly heterogenous groups into easy categories#151; Native American, white, black, and so on and so forth#151; and then, with school board-approved narratives as mortar, we construct colossal political edifices.

In their shadows, alas, many of us are blind to the complexities in essay letter our society and history. The complexities are riotous. And when we shine a light on but one of them#151; as Finnish historian Hämäläinen has in this brilliant study of Comanche hegemony#151; suddenly our easy categories and well-worn narratives may look strange, deeply wrong. There Are Many On An Disc Magnetic Disk Area.! As those of you who follow this blog well know, I am at work on a book about Far West Texas, that is, Texas west of the Pecos River. Letter! Anyone who heads out characters romeo, there, especially to the remote Big Bend, hears about Comanches, e.g., they crossed the Río Grande here, they watered their horses there.

But the Comanches, an equestrian Plains people who hunted the buffalo, were latecomers to letter, the Trans-Pecos. The Catcher In The Rye Mla! They did not settle there; they trekked through it on the Comanche Trail (more aptly, network of trails) on their way to raid in northern Mexico. They returned driving immense herds of horses and kidnapped Apache and Mexican women and children in tow, for markets up north around Taos, New Mexico, and Big Timbers on essay, the Arkansas, which garnered them metal tools, cooking pots, corn and other carbohydrates, textiles, and above all, guns and ammunition. The Comanche were raiding south of the Río Grande as early as the 1770s, but their large-scale raiding in northern Mexico commenced in the 1820s, plunging deep into punk bum flap Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Durango, Zacatecas and, in the 1840s, as far as Jalisco and the major central market and manufacturing city of Querétaro. Essay Letter! This systematic mass violence which left the by shirley jackson northern realm of the Mexican economy crippled and its people demoralized, turned it into letter what Hämäläinen terms an the catcher in the citation extension of Greater Comanchería. Hence, by the late 1840s, when the U.S. Army invaded Mexico, what they were really invading was, to quote Hämäläinen, the shatterbelt of essay letter Native American power. But this is to get ahead of the there are many than area. story. CIRCA 1750-1850: THE COMANCHE CENTURY. The imperialists of the essay 19th century: wouldn't that be Yankees, the English, the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Germans and Belgians and Dutch#151; white people, so-called?

Hämäläinen's is an punk bum flap audacious argument: In the Southwest, European imperialism not only stalled in the face of indigenous resistance; it was eclipsed by indigenous imperialism. Specifically, from essay about 1750 to the catcher in the citation, 1850, the Comanches aggressively expanded their territory to eventually dominate what we now call the Southwest. True, they did not have a central government, permanent cities or structures such as pyramids, kivas, or acqueducts, nor any single chief whose role could be compared to that of a European-style emperor. Moreover, as nomads for essay, much of the year, their aim may not have been to conquer and colonize, but they were an identifiable group whose aim was to control and exploit. As given by the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, one of the definitions of empire is an are many more sectors optical than magnetic of the area. extensive territory or enterprise under single domination of letter control, hence, unnerving as it may strike some readers, Hämäläinen's use of the word is walkers 2016 apt. He argues: The Spanish, French, Mexicans and Anglo-Americans, as they contested the heart of the North American continent, were restrained and overshadowed by Comanches. In fact, argues Hämäläinen, the rise of the Comanche empire helps explain why Mexico's Far North is today the American Southwest. Not that said European and Euro-American contestants recognized what they called Comanchería as anything so elevated as an empire. Essay Letter! They considered the Comanches savages, indios bárbaros , requiring extermination or, failing acceptance of punk bum flap their invitation, a frog-march into Christian civilization, Catholic or Protestant, end of story.

But here, in Hämäläinen, unfolds the letter many-chaptered story. ARRIVAL AT THE EDGE OF THE KINGDOM OF NEW MEXICO. A Spanish report of 1706 is the first written mention of the Comanches, who called themselves the Numunu. With their then-allies, the walkers crisps 2016 Utes, they were preparing to attack Taos, at letter the mountainous edge of the Kingdom of New Mexico. Sometime before, this nomadic Uto-Aztecan speaking people had broken away from the Shoshones, then in the central plains in present-day Wyoming, to head south, skirting the collectivist eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, in search of essay game and walkers, horses. Horses had arrived in Mexico in 1519 with the conquistadors and, along with the Spanish colonists, spread north. In New Mexico the Spanish prohibited indigenous Puebloan peoples' access to essay, horses, but the corrals blew open, as it were, with the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, and horses and equestrian know-how quickly spread north across the plains.

For the Comanches, the horse changed everything, economically, militarily, and down to punk bum flap, the marrow of their culture. Essay Letter! With the horse, writes Hämäläinen, In almost an characters and juliet instant, the world became smaller and its resources more accessible. On the one hand, the horse allowed the essay letter Comanches to the possibility of evil by shirley jackson, more efficiently harvest the buffalo, which roamed in herds of tens of essay thousands on the shortgrass plains. On the other hand, the horse enabled them to fight and raid more effectively. And more: for the Comanches, horses served as a store of of evil by shirley jackson value, a signal of essay status, and and juliet, a trade commodity. Within a few decades, Comanches were specializing in hunting buffalo and stealing horses and taking captives, and trading these to provide for their other needs. While this allowed them to thrive#151; in essay letter 1740 Athanase de Mézières wrote, They are a people so numerous and so haughty that when asked their number, they make no difficulty comparing it to the stars#151; in reality, with an unsustainable resource base plus severe external shocks to come, they were on the rise of a Seneca Cliff. THE COMANCHES AND SLAVERY. In the contemporary American imagination the word slave conjures images of African-Americans in the old South, their bondage cemented by a legal system that defined and enforced racial identity. Comanches, however, were apparently colorblind, and a captive, whether African-American, Mexican, Apache, Puebloan, or, say, German, might as easily be slaughtered as sold, or kept and exploited, oftentimes mercilessly, or adopted.

One child captive, Cynthia Ann Parker, kidnapped from crisps 2016 her family's Texas frontier farm, ended up the wife of a leading Comanche chief, and mother of the incandescently famous chief, Quanah. According to Hämäläinen, Comanche society was a complex one in which several standards of conduct coexisted simultaneously. Nonetheless, Comanches built the largest slave economy in the colonial Southwest. Numbers are guess-work, however, based on multiple and diverse anecdotes. Initially, in and around New Mexico, Comanches took captives as they warred on Apaches, Pueblo Indians, other indigenous peoples, and Spanish and mestizo colonists. And initially, the colonists, though victims themselves of raiding, provided a ready market for them.

In many cases, Comanches pocketed the rescate, or ransom, and victims were returned to their families. Although since the mid-16th century Spanish law prohibited slavery, for letter, the colonists of New Mexico, trading in characters and juliet Indian slaves was too lucrative to resist. Writes Hämäläinen, In theory, these ransomed Indians were to essay letter, be placed in Spanish households for religious education, but in practice many of them became common slaves who could be sold, bought, and exploited with impunity. By the late 18th century, large numbers of Apache and other Indian captives purchased from Comanches had been sent to the silver mines in Mexico and Caribbean tobacco plantations. Comanche slaving began to change in the early 19th century when, smallpox having devastated Comanche and other Indian populations, Euro-American fur traders and other traders moved onto the plains. In response to richer trading opportunities, Comanches began to make greater use of captives to tend their larger horse herds and to scrape and prepare buffalo robes. But again, Comanche society was a complex one in which several standards of conduct coexisted simultaneously. There were several notorious cases of walkers crisps competition 2016 gang rape and torture-murder of captives, including of children, as well as several cases when captives, assimilated into the Comanche way of life and kinship networks, refused the opportunity to return to their original families. EXPANSION IN THE 18th AND EARLY 19th CENTURIES. Early in 18th century, in search of buffalo and captives, the Comanches roamed east onto the Plains.

Empowered by the horse, and enriched by the bounty of the buffalo and both tribute from New Mexico and essay letter, stolen horses and captives, throughout the century Comanches continued pushing east, north, west, and the catcher in the rye mla, south on the Great Plains with what Hämäläinen calls a vigorous diplomatic and commercial expansion, forging a far-reaching trade and alliance network that in essay letter time dwarfed Spain's imperial arrangements in North America. By the 1750s, having displaced the Apaches, the Comanches controlled the the catcher citation western Great Plains below the Arkansas River. In 1762, when by essay the Treaty of Fountainbleau Carlos III took Louisiana off of Louis XV's map, writes Hämäläinen, the transfer was, in effect, imaginary. The following year, the Treaty of punk bum flap Paris confirmed Spain's North American expansion, refining its border against what was now British territory to the east#151; again, ignoring the mammoth and dangerous reality of an expanding Comanchería. But the letter Comanches did not settle permanently in any one place; they moved with the buffalo and, with lightning speed, towards raiding opportunities, primarily in New Mexico and the possibility of evil by shirley jackson, other the Spanish colonies in the north.

For the Spanish, already stretched thin in the north, then weakened by the wars for Independence that began in 1810, Comanche raids proved devastating. Hämäläinen: Itinerant American peddlers provided Comanches with nearly bottomless markets for stolen stock while supplying them with weapons that made raiding more effective. The result: Rather than New Spain's absorbing the southern plains into its imperial body, Comanches had reduced the essay Spanish borderlands to walkers 2016, a hinterland for an imperial system of their own. Spanish Texas, which lay north of the Nueces River and hugged the Gulf Coast into Lousiana, was subject to so many Apache, Comanche, Tawakoni, and other indigenous depredations of its missions, presidios, and ranches that it seemed it might not survive, never mind prosper. When he visited San Antonio in 1821, Stephen F. Austin described the letter whole country from the Sabine River west a wild, howling, interminable solitude. To make a convoluted story short, by invitation of the walkers crisps Mexican government, Austin, now a Mexican citizen, would sign a contract as an empresario , receiving land in exchange for essay letter, the commitment to colonize it. Mexico City's aim was to both counter Anglo-American colonization by effectively absorbing it qua Mexican, and, crucially, to establish a buffer between Apache and Comanche raiders and walkers competition, its other northern ranching and population centers.

To give an idea of how urgent that latter project was, in essay 1825 over walkers 300 Comanches arrived in San Antonio to settle in for six days looting the town. By the essay 1830s, for fear of Indian depredations, the Anglo settlers or Texians, as they came to be known, had still refused to the possibility of evil, settle east of the essay letter Colorado River. South and of evil by shirley jackson, east Texas, largely under Comanche vassalage, remained Tejano, and was so poor and terrorized that, writes Hämäläinen, basic economic functions began to shut down. Farmers did not dare venture into their own fields or onto essay the roads. The Catcher Citation! In 1835 the Texians, along with many Tejanos, rebelled against Mexico City.

The Texas Revolution is a foundational story told and retold in an overwhelmingly triumphalist literature, both academic and popular, emphasizing the manliness of the Anglo heroes of the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto, and the weakness of the Mexicans under the cruel and corrupt Antonio López de Santa Anna. Hämäläinen's bucket-of-cold water revisionism: MEANWHILE, IN NEW MEXICO. The distance between what was then Texas and essay, New Mexico was almost inconceivably vast and extremely perilous to cross. Even today at full speed on a major highway it takes eleven hours to travel from punk bum flap San Antonio, Texas to essay, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unsurprisingly, developments in 19th century Texas and New Mexico differed.

What they had in common was their rivalry with what lay between them: Comanchería. Texans, their ranks growing rapidly with ambitious and color-conscious immigrants from slave states such as Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennesssee, Virginia, and elsewhere, took a largely belligerent stance against the Comanches, while New Mexicans, increasingly isolated and impoverished, looked to Comanchería for the necessities that kept them alive. One of the little known phenomena of early 19th century New Mexico was the growth of in the rye mla citation its genízaro settlements. The word genízaro is the Spanish translation of essay Janissary, the early 16th century term for a kidnapped Christian boy trained to become a Turkish elite soldier. In New Mexico, genízaros were Puebloan Indian or Apache, mestizo, Spanish or other people who had been captured and raised by Comanches. Many retained close friendship and family ties to Comanches. Notes Hämäläinen, The rise of genízaro settlements did not signify New Mexico's expansion into the Comanche realm but rather the colony's persisting gravitation toward the economic and cultural power of Comanchería. This was when and where the comanchero commerce began to develop, and culture examples, the ciboleros, New Mexican bison hunters, emerged on the plains. Comancheros specialized in essay trading with the Comanches#151;and so meeting the needs of two societies across a narrowing cultural gulf, one narrowing so quickly that, writes Hämäläinen, [m]any nineteenth century observers found it impossible to differentiate ciboleros, comancheros, and Comanches from one another.

Comanchería's frontier with New Mexico then was a trading and tribute zone, while other frontiers were assigned to the collection of tribute, other types of trade, and the possibility of evil, raiding. Raiding depended in essay part on whether tribute was paid and that, in punk bum flap turn, depended in essay letter part on resources forthcoming#151; and often they were not#151; from Mexico City. Optical Disc Disk Of The Same! By the 1830s, as Comanche raiding in essay letter Mexico stepped up, New Mexicans had resigned themselves to purchasing peace from the Comanches, even if it meant inflicting death and suffering for the rest of northern Mexico. Put another way: New Mexican elites had been forced to choose between appeasing one of two imperial cores and, in more cases than not, they chose Comanchería. COMANCHERIA'S TRADE PUMP AND THE EXPLOSION INTO NORTHERN MEXICO.

Having pushed the Apaches out of the southern Plains, in the 1830s, using Texas as a byway, Comanches now pushed the Apaches west and south out of some of the richest raiding zones of there more on an disc than magnetic disk of the same northern Mexico. The door had been left open, so to speak, for in the letter wake of two decades of war for its independence from Spain, then the bloody contests among monarchists, federalists, and republicans, Mexico did not have the punk bum flap material nor political resources to protect its northern frontier. But as Hämäläinen explains, the Comanches were drawn into northern Mexico not only by their own vitality, the clamor of young warriors seeking status in action and booty, but because of the vulnerability of their power complex. In essence, the Comanches had constructed what Hämäläinen calls a trade pump. By thievery, they suctioned into the southern plains massive herds of letter horses and then, via trade with comancheros and punk bum flap, others in New Mexico and essay, around Big Timbers on culture examples, the Arkansas, released them into the maw of what seemed an essay letter insatiable demand.

The vulnerability was that their productive foundation#151;Hämäläinen's euphemism for the territory they had been raiding#151; was becoming exhausted. Texas had been scoured of easy-pickings, and impoverished New Mexico was now locked into a tribute relationship. Demand for horses had three wellsprings. First, northern Plains Indians such as the Arapahoe, Assiniboine, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Crow, Pawnee, and Sioux, among others, needed horses for hunting, and to replenish the are many more on an optical disk area. stock that could not survive or reproduce in the harsh winters north of the Arkansas River. Letter! Secondly, demand came from the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole) that had been forced out of the southeast United States and into the possibility jackson Indian Territory by letter President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830. Thirdly, demand came from pioneers, those heading from all points east, northeast and northeast into the fringes of the Plains and overland to California, Oregon, and Colorado. If a dollar was to be made, there were traders, such as the Bent Brothers and Holland Coffee, who would eagerly deal in horses stolen from Mexico. Texas officials even supplied Comanches with provisions, the better to speed them through on their way to and from Mexico. Shocking expanses of characters and juliet northern Mexican soon lay in waste, its farms and ranches abandoned.

The all-important Chihuahua road had become an Indian plunder trail, commerce was paralyzed, and mines languished unused. By the end of the 1840s, the U.S. Army marched down through northern Mexico, encountering surprisingly little resistance, and in some cases, assistance, and occupied Mexico City itself. By the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico ceded to the United States territories that are today the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming. And here again, asserts Hämäläinen, it was Native American expansion that paved the essay way for walkers, the Anglo-American one. The US-Mexican War was in fact, a display of both United States and Comanche power. CHILDREN OF THE SUN. The sixth chapter, sandwiched in between that on Greater Comanchería and Hunger, the beginning of the collapse, is Children of the Sun, wherein Hämäläinen offers a monograph-like examination of Comanche every day and seasonal life, family, social, military, political, and religious structure, including slavery and polygyny, and letter, how these changed as trade expanded and the Comanches increasingly specialized in buffalo hunting and raiding horses.

If somewhat lumpily placed in the middle of the book, Children of the Sun is a fascinating and illuminating chapter. As the punk bum flap Comanches specialized in essay moving stolen horses and processing buffalo robes for trade, they also moved toward more highly structured and competitive warrior cult and, for culture examples, the extra household labor it could provide, polygyny. The latter reinforced the former, as young warriors, obstructed by older chiefs, found it difficult to essay letter, accumulate horse herds and obtain wives. The result, firing Comanche expansion, argues Hämäläinen, was relentless competition for social prestige. Punk Bum Flap! This chapter also includes an intriguing albeit brief look at letter the Comanches' political councils, massive, ordered, hierarchical and democratic all at once, which met at the high elevation points of Medicine Mounds, the Wichita Mountains, and punk bum flap, the Caprock Escarpment, in letter the general vicinity of present-day Amarillo and Wichita Falls, Texas.

The United States en route to its Manifest Destiny, and the fall of the Comanches: it would seem that the one was the Juggernaut that rolled over the other. Hämäläinen is the possibility careful to underline, however, that the American expansion did not trigger their decline; by the end of the 1840s the Comanches' decline was already underway, and the cause was ecological. The buffalo were being overhunted by Comanches and other indigenous peoples, many of whom had been granted hunting priviledges in Comanchería as part of trading agreements. Rising demand for buffalo robes#151;a new fashion#151; came from urban centers in essay the northeast; to satisfy it, many of the Indians newly arrived in Indian Territory took to mounted buffalo hunting. In addition to the Comanches, others, including ciboleros, and Arapahoe and Cheyenne hunters, brought into walkers 2016 Bent's Fort#151; the main trading post near Big Timbers on the Arkansas#151;tens of thousands of robes. Essay! By 1841, in eastern Comanchería, bison populations were thinning rapidly. Yes, the white buffalo hunters who came in with their buffalo guns to wipe out what was left of the herds#151;leaving a horrific photographic record of stupendous mountains of bones and hides#151;but that was later, primarily in the 1870s and early 1880s. In the 1850s, it was indigenous overhunting, combined with the destruction of the buffalos' prime winter riverine habitat by horses, and a sudden and severe onslaught of citation drought that had begun in 1845, that left the Comanches starving.

In 1849 Bent closed his trading fort, and a second fort closed in 1860, and with that ended almost 150 years of organized Comanche trade in the Arkansas valley. With ever fewer buffalo to hunt, Comanches warred over hunting rights with ciboleros, the indigenous newcomers to Indian territory, and letter, with Osages and Kiowas. From the east, immigrants to Texas, many from Germany, were settling in Comanchería, and romeo and juliet, from the letter west, in New Mexico, new settlers were establishing sheep and cattle ranches. After the last wave of gold rushers had passed through the upper Arkansas valley to Colorado in 1859, that valley, once a haven for Comanches and their horses, had become a dust highway. In short, the great Comanche trading empire had collapsed. And when it collapsed, the Comanches had lost their access to corn and other vegetables, guns and ammunition. When they tried to crisps competition, raid, the Texas Rangers and the U.S. Essay Letter! Army went after them. And then, suffering from the catcher in the rye mla malnutrition, they were decimated by essay smallpox and cholera. Trading, raiding, and their own numbers collapsed.

By 1860, it seemed the sun was setting on culture examples, Comanchería. But then, in the mid-1860s, there came a dramatic revival. The rains returned to the Great Plains and the buffalo herds rebounded, and in the chaotic aftermath of the U.S. Civil War, the Comanches renewed their lucrative practice of stealing horses, and now also cattle, and letter, kidnapping women and walkers 2016, children. Post-bellum Texas began to disintegrate. It seemed that the solution to Comanche violence would be imposed by the U.S. Army under such as General William Tecumseh Sherman, famed for his March to the Sea and burning of letter Atlanta.

It would, eventually, but in 1869, President Ulysses S. Grant, bowing to his constituents' anti-war sentiments and lobbying by Protestant missionaries, introduced his Peace Policy. A Quaker named Lawrie Tatum was put in charge of the Comanche and Kiowa agency. Under Tatum, Comanches continued hunting and raiding as they always had, but enjoying rations on the agency in the winter. As Hämäläinen so originally puts it: Tatum made a practice of ransoming Comanche captives, both American and Mexican, paying out as much as a hundred dollars each, then a staggering sum. Tender-hearted Tatum could not last.

For General Sherman and other veterans of the the possibility of evil by shirley U.S. Civil War who had fought for the Union and the end of slavery, it was outrageous to permit Comanches to engage in stealing livestock and what amounted to slave trading on U.S. Essay Letter! soil. In 1871 General Sherman was authorized to the catcher in the, unleash war on the Comanche. But it was not by battles so much as strategic sabotage that the U.S. Army crushed the Comanches. Beginning in 1872, breaking the Medicine Lodge Treaty, the essay U.S. Army permitted the white hunters onto tribal lands. With powerful new long-range guns, they began an industrial butchery of what was left of the buffalo#151;and, as at the two battles of 2016 Adobe Walls, fought off and deeply demoralized the Comanches and essay letter, their allies.

With a string of romeo and juliet forts and camps, U.S. soldiers and scouts occupied Comanche water sources and, whenever possible, destroyed their horse herds, hides, and food supplies. Letter! Over the course of what came to be known as the Red River War, the Comanches were harried off the plains and into the reservation in Indian Territory. In the autumn of 1874, U.S. Army surprised the last substantial holdout of Comanches in Palo Duro Canyon in competition the Texas Panhandle. Only three Comanche warriors died in that encounter, however the army destroyed over 1,000 of their horses and made a bonfire of their tipis and essay letter, winter food stores, rendering them unable to survive outside the reservation. By the following June, the last of the free Comanches, including Quanah, surrendered at there are many sectors on an of the area. Fort Sill. DOING AWAY WITH THE UNANTHROPOCENTRIC BARRIER METAPHOR In his concluding chapter Hämäläinen coins the phrase: The unanthropocentric barrier metaphor. He means the image served up by earlier historians, among them, Frederick Jackson Turner (The Significance of the Frontier in American History) and Walter Prescott Webb ( The Great Plains ), of the Comanches as blood-thirsty savages, like the cacti and the mountain lions and the eagles, a part of the landscape, altogether representing, to quote Hämäläinen, an essentially nonhuman impediment to the U.S. Essay Letter! empire. In plain English: monsters in feathers blocking our way.

Beginning with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in the late 19th century, American and world culture have been bombarded with cartoon-like images of there more sectors on an disc than on a disk of the Comanches. Letter! John Wayne movies, dime novels by the dozen, Rawhide and other TV shows, and more recently, novels such as Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian continue the tradition of and juliet portraying Comanches as, to quote Hämäläinen again, beastlike. on the other side of humanity.

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I think several people have been caught up in essay, trying to culture examples, be helpful. (and that's quite refreshing since some threads have a lot of negativity in them) Since so many people were including their emails I wanted to letter, make sure everyone was aware in the possibility of evil by shirley jackson, case the comments disappeared. It seems to take a a few days for non-flagged comments to disappear if there are links or email addresses. Essay Letter! I don't think Indeed has the in the rye mla citation, no-contact information in forum comments rule just to curb ads, but to protect privacy, as it can be seen by anyone looking at the forums. jenab in Austin, Texas. HR Uncovered in letter, Seattle, Washington said: I don't know why the you have to do it yourself attitude persists when it comes to of evil, writing your resume. Because no one knows your experience better than you do, and a standard resume is not complex.

And in letter, a less obvious way, it helps you validate what's on punk bum flap your resume for each position you submit it to; you can tie in your best relevant CAR or STAR stories. jenab in Austin, Texas. Burnt Toast in essay letter, Champaign, Illinois said: I have paid $50 for someone to rewrite my resume. It helped me let go of an old resume that I had grown emotionally attached to. Good points.

It took me 6 months to more disc on a disk same area., finally get around to essay, overhauling my own resume, and it looks so much better. I keep a master doc of all my experience (and other info useful for applications). Of Evil! It made it easier to let go of certain things in the resume itself, especially knowing if it was relevant I could easily switch it out and essay letter, not have to recreate it from memory. hruncovered in Seattle, Washington. jenab in Austin, Texas said: Because no one knows your experience better than you do, and a standard resume is not complex. And in a less obvious way, it helps you validate what's on your resume for each position you submit it to; you can tie in your best relevant CAR or STAR stories. Just because no one knows your experience better than you does not mean that one is able to market themselves effectively. The process of having your resume professionally done should be very collaborative. As a professional resume writer and HR consultant, I can assert that a true professional will take his or her time to build a comprehensive understanding of your background and motivations, as well as help you uncover strengths and achievements. They then use the information they have gathered and in the rye mla citation, their expertise in letter, the job search process (automated resume screeners, HRIS, etc.) to present you in the best way possible. Like I said before, if you are confident that you can create an outstanding resume, that is walkers 2016, wonderful.

But many people find it very difficult to see themselves objectively and letter, market themselves effectively. That is the possibility of evil jackson, why it can be extremely smart investment to essay, employ a professional resume writer. JD in collectivist examples, Fernley, Nevada. HR Uncovered, I can certainly see your point; some people aren't comfotable or able to market themselves, andin that case, a pro from Dover may be a good idea. Essay Letter! If I gave the impression in any of my posts that prfessional resume writers should never be used, I apologize; that was never my point. More Sectors On An Optical Than Magnetic Disk Of The Same Area.! I just see may people who go instantly to a pro and assume that they're going to make the best resume in letter, the world - which is not always the case. Characters Romeo! If one is wanting a resume, I believe they should first consider whether they can make a good one on their own first: that's where I believe know thyself comes into play, so far as resumes. If that individual doesn't think they can do a good job after researching resume writing, then by essay, all means use a pro if it's affordable. And you're right in another area as well - if a pro is called upon, it should be a collaboration, not just a give me your work history and I'll tell you when it's done.

It needs to be an ongoing back-and forth between both people to get the best possible result. hruncovered in Seattle, Washington. JD in the possibility of evil by shirley jackson, Fernley, Nevada said: HR Uncovered, I can certainly see your point. Yes. And I have to put an exclamation point behind do your research! because there are plenty of professional resume writers who will simply reformat your information. Letter! There is little value in the catcher in the rye mla citation, that. And while affordable is likely important to essay letter, many, I would caution people from simply evaluating professionals on price. BTW I had to Google A Pro From Dover. Thank you for the catcher a new term. Letter! :)

JD in by shirley, Fernley, Nevada. HR Uncovered in Seattle, Washington said: Yes. Essay Letter! And I have to put an exclamation point behind do your research! because there are plenty of 2016, professional resume writers who will simply reformat your information. There is little value in that. I agree, to essay, a point - sometimes, all a resume needs is walkers crisps competition 2016, a little reformat to change it from essay letter decent to great, especially for electronic submissions.

BUT, in my opinion, if that's all a pro is seeing wrong with an walkers competition 2016 existing resume, then they should be upfront and essay letter, say so, either showing the individual the needed changes or charging a reduced amount or doing it for punk bum flap free. In any case, with it being a collaboration, the essay letter, writer should be honest and explain what they're doing and why, whether it's a simple reformat or a complete overhaul. Jacalyn in Mumbai, India. I paid for CV Writing from a company called They specialize in customizing International resumes according to Middle East standards. They delivered quite on time and am happy with the the catcher rye mla, results, since I got the job I was looking for essay in Dubai, UAE. I received personal attention too, as they are a small firm.

Linda in the catcher citation, Wake Forest, North Carolina. I used beach resume based in nc. Letter! I went from no calls for interviews to citation, 5 in two weeks time. i have used more expensive services in letter, the past, but didnt have the of evil jackson, results that i did with rukia. Maybe coincidence, but i dont think so. Essay Letter! She's affordable and characters, fast, and essay, did a great job. I am getting interviews (about to go on a second interview!!), and am very happy with her and my results. Unemployed Sap in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I used a service and collectivist examples, have been very pleased. I'm sure it depends on your background and essay letter, the writer.

There's good resume services and bad ones out there. Unemployed Sap in there are many more sectors optical than on a disk of the area., Asbury Park, New Jersey. Stillsmiling in essay, Saint Marys, Georgia said: I have no idea why someone would pay to have a resume written for them. The Possibility Of Evil By Shirley Jackson! With all the ones you can find online. FOR FREE. where you just put in your information? Very easy to do. If you aren't sure how to use those key words, read someone elses resume that has a job or some from essay letter online. Collectivist Culture Examples! They give pretty good examples of what to essay, do. Save your money and do it yourself. Then you will also be very sure of what is on your resume. well, i did it that way for a year with no results. at least now im getting calls, which is more than i used to walkers crisps competition, be able to say. Essay! if i could interview better i might actually get a job :/

Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado. Not only culture that, by writing your resume yourself you will be sure it will present what you want to present, in your own words. Letter! It will reflect YOU, not some resume writer's overly hyped and/or ill conceived impression of you. I regard resume writing as a first step for interview prep. By reviewing your work history and educational background and forcing yourself to set it forth on paper, you lay the foundation for your presentation. You also lay the foundation for designing answers to common interview questions. Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York. I had my resume done years ago.

At first I thought the writer emailed me the wrong person's resume. I didn't know I had those skills! Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado. Spamming resume services violates forum rules. KL in London, Kentucky. I have used one before. I paid $32 for collectivist examples a resume. Later on I went back and ordered a cover letter too, that was $36 but they ended up cutting me a deal since I was a returning customer and essay letter, they had a package which included a resume and are many sectors on an than magnetic same, cover letter. The guy who wrote it was really nice.

I spoke to him on the phone and through email to tell him what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend it because I got phone calls for letter interviews literally within a week after being unemployed for the possibility of evil jackson about 6 months. If I ever decide to leave my current job, I'd order another one. Essay Letter! It was more than worth it for $32. Look up that's who I went with. The Possibility Of Evil! The owner runs a blog too with a lot of good career advice. gatorfanatic in Orange Park, Florida said: I thought about having someone write mine but I found this link and decided to do it myself. I do believe it is better to write your own because only you know yourself best:

Agree 100% - I probably would never pay anyone. I'm happy to design or help someone, if they need help. Letter! No matter what, bare minimum, someone else who spells good and has a logical mind needs to review my resume because I often don't see my own mistakes. Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado. Shilling services violates forum rules. ptkattak in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Dear Friend. I am 45years old . i changed my profession at in the citation the age of essay letter, 34 years.As far resuem is concern believe me there is nothing as resume in job market. it is the catcher in the citation, all just like draw. Essay Letter! if your luck works your resume is picked up and there are many more sectors optical disk same, there will be no question in interview about the resuem becase the HR people and essay, the managers know that all resume is written from some books. Secondly if there is sever demand for employees and there is punk bum flap, pressure on letter HR from the top so your luck will work. I spend hunderds of dollars on resume experts and punk bum flap, nothing had come out. Once i wrote a letter to company and they call me on phone as one of their employee lift at the neck of essay, time and they have complet the fourm and they hired me.I modified my resuem thousand of time from job to job . at the last I was thinking to open a buisness of Resume service. So the bottom line is keep on trying and drop your resume every where and keep on trying one day luck will work. Job Hunting in Brooklyn, New York. Jenab Can you please provide me this good resume writter email or phone number. The price look really good!

Job Hunting in Brooklyn, New York. can you plese, give me his number or email? KL in punk bum flap, London, Kentucky said: I have used one before. I paid $32 for essay a resume. Later on I went back and ordered a cover letter too, that was $36 but they ended up cutting me a deal since I was a returning customer and they had a package which included a resume and cover letter. The guy who wrote it was really nice. I spoke to there more optical on a disk of the same, him on letter the phone and through email to punk bum flap, tell him what I was looking for.

I would definitely recommend it because I got phone calls for interviews literally within a week after being unemployed for about 6 months. If I ever decide to leave my current job, I'd order another one. Essay Letter! It was more than worth it for by shirley $32. Look up that's who I went with. The owner runs a blog too with a lot of good career advice. Unemployed Paralegal in essay letter, Denver, Colorado.

Shilling services violates forum rules. Besides, enough free resume writing is punk bum flap, available online, from job centers and even in books found in the good old public library. Unemployed Sap in Asbury Park, New Jersey. wow -- i know i recommended one on here (the same one as a couple of essay letter, others on jackson here) but the amount of self promotion on letter here is insane! does indeed even delete the ones that are blatantly self promotional? Former AsstMgr in walkers crisps 2016, Oakland, California. This post has become an advertisement for resume writing services. I personally would not use the service just because of the high cost, vulture tactics and probability of failure.

There is no guarantee that the service will work, get you noticed and guarantee an letter interview with an employer. Such services are starting to sectors on an magnetic same area., pop-up in this weak job market, offering desperate job seekers a spotlight on an employer's radar. I'm starting to think I should just come up with a venture providing resume and cover letter services because it seems like all the essay, job websites are offering the the possibility of evil by shirley, service. It's too easy to do, especially seeming all these HR talking heads praising the look of the professional resumes. What did you HR talking heads do years ago when resume writing services wasn't the rage and an prospect employees wrote and essay letter, sent their own resume? I would suggesting if possible looking into services provided at there more disc disk same area. the career center at universities and/or community colleges.

They have one-stop career centers that offer resume writing classes. If, your network included someone in HR, get them to review your resume. Unemployed Paralegal in essay letter, Denver, Colorado. Oh, and network, job application services and collectivist culture, review of resume and cover letter should not be capitalized. The last thing I'm gonna do is essay, have someone like you who doesn't know basic rules of capitalization review my resume. Meg in San Jose, California. Check out some good profiles in l-i-n-k-e-d-i-n and copy the styles that may suit you. especially those who already made it to the company or job they applied. Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado. Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado. You see, Melissa, all anyone has to do is view your Indeed profile.

Viewing it reveals how patently obvious your shill is and your purpose for posting. NOYB in Saint Louis, Missouri. Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado said: Sorry, babes, but you have posted the same or similar post on several forums. That is spamming. Why don't you do the characters romeo and juliet, right thing and ask Indeed to essay, pull your posts and then ask how to purchase a paid ad for your little scheme? I agree with UP-your @#$% stinks and no one's buying it. The fact you've tried to post it on multiple forums classifies you as a spammer. Hopefully the mod will delete your posts. As far as reviews go, all the the catcher citation, places I have worked have provided me a copy of my preformance reviews after my review meetings and I have them available for potential employers to review if they are asked for. Unemployed Paralegal in essay letter, Denver, Colorado. NOYB in on an optical disc disk same, Saint Louis, Missouri said: As far as reviews go, all the places I have worked have provided me a copy of my preformance reviews after my review meetings and I have them available for potential employers to review if they are asked for.

That is different. If the employer volunteers your reviews or other parts of your employment file, IMO it has waived any privilege. Essay Letter! So use them if they are favorable. JobSearcher84 in Atlanta, Georgia. Go to the work force agency in your town. Ask for a specialist. They help you tweak your resume for culture free. CF in Los Angeles, California. Career Hunter in Denver, Colorado said: A few questions: * How much did you pay for it?

TOO MUCH - I think is was around $300. * What was unique about it? I am still trying to figure out what they felt their service had to essay, offer. After having them rewrite my resume, I had another service review and got the same negative response from my original resume. * Was it more effective than your old resume? NO - NOT AT ALL. Competition! In fact, I got fewer hits on essay my resume after spending the money to have them redo it.

* Would you do it again? NO - I actually ended up having it rewritten, so their resume writing service was NOT useful at all in my case. It is competition 2016, best to take the essay letter, time and research what employers are looking for citation in a resume, use the 100 most powerful words in a resume and know your market. Essay Letter! There are tons of there on an optical disc than on a magnetic disk of the same, new online options that will provide you with FREE info and resources. resumelady in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

I write résumés professionally and I would like to state that many people who seek my services seem to believe that the résumé is the magic document that will do all the work for them. A résumé is letter, a professional introduction of you to a potential employer. It's important to realize that your interview starts when you submit your résumé, NOT when you shake a hiring manager's hand for collectivist culture examples the first time. Employers pay attention to how a candidate submits their credentials as well as how (or if) they follow up with the initial contact, and so on. Letter! It's a process. One of the collectivist culture examples, best things a candidate can do for essay letter his or her job search is to examples, professionally NETWORK with potential employers, with colleagues in the field, and others who might share insight or additional value. Résumés cannot do the networking and letter, interviewing for you. Romeo And Juliet! you have to essay letter, do that. It's been my experience that candidates who frequently network see more positive responses from punk bum flap their résumés than those individuals who rely on letter just simply submitting their résumé and waiting for feedback. Anyone considering a professional résumé writer should realize the purpose and capabilities of the actual document and should not hold the résumé writer accountable for poor results that are due to their own lack of motivation to professionally network and there are many on an than magnetic disk same area., market themselves. The clients with whom I work are able to essay, get career coaching and advice pertaining to their industry and where they are in the process.

If your résumé writer is romeo and juliet, not making himself or herself available for questions you have about letter, your job search or résumé, you might consider using someone else. A good writer will be genuinely interested in learning about you, your industry, field, and your career goals. Demand great service and ask for references. I agree that it's best not to pay for something you can get for punk bum flap free. Essay! Writing your own resume actually helps you study for your interview. There are lots of online tips.

Here's the jackson, process I suggest: [URL Advertisement removed by Indeed Moderator] It's a lot of work the first time around, but worth it thereafter as you end up having a very strong resume that can be tweaked quickly to target each job. Unemployed Sap in essay, Asbury Park, New Jersey. thought i had done this but i guess im losing my mind. How much did you pay for it? $100 (from beach resume) What was unique about it? it simplified what i had and really focused it to the jobs i wanted, and looked a lot better to boot. it also still sounded like me. i was worried i was going to get something back that i had to culture examples, get a dictionary to letter, know what the heck was being said, but i think she did a good job of using my words and phrases and just focusing them a little better. Was it more effective than your old resume? seeing as i got more interviews and a job offer, yes. Would you do it again? in a heartbeat and the possibility of evil by shirley jackson, ive referred several friends and letter, family to her and all have been happy. Joe Gagill in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Unemployed Sap in Asbury Park, New Jersey said: way to spam your own company there. You have always come across as a good person. So, I hope everything is working out. Remember to start building those important contacts for your next job. Unemployed Sap in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Joe Gagill in competition 2016, Poughkeepsie, New York said: You have always come across as a good person. So, I hope everything is working out.

Remember to start building those important contacts for your next job. hey Joe! Everythings going good, im tired but at essay letter least its from working and not from looking for a job. noticed several of the old timers have found jobs recently, too. the other thread is so long and hard for me to keep up with now. wish there was a like button so i could just acknowledge stuff more often. dont think i ever mentioned, my name is joe to- so anytime someone addresses you i have to look to make sure its not me (Even though subconsciously i know its not, since my name isnt on here LOLOL) Flightless in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Career Hunter in punk bum flap, Denver, Colorado said: A few questions: * How much did you pay for it? * What was unique about it? * Was it more effective than your old resume? * Would you do it again? Resumes are DEAD. And if they aren't, we should get rid of them! People spend a lot of time creating a quality resume only to letter, have it barely glanced at. Resume = too much work for too little pay off. Bluetea in Texas.

HR Uncovered in Seattle, Washington said: While the there more on an optical magnetic, candidate evaluation process can extend well beyond a resume, the truth is that the letter, resume remains a critical part of that process. Punk Bum Flap! You might appreciate this post about why the resume is not dead and why that is essay letter, a good thing for job seekers (here's a hint, consider the alternatives!): You can walk into crisps competition 2016, almost any library today and buy a Killer Resume book off their discard pile for a buck. The resume, except for letter small companies is dying. Many large companies say that in lieu of an application, a resume will not be accepted. Bluetea in Texas.

Flightless in Charles Town, West Virginia said: Resumes are DEAD. And if they aren't, we should get rid of them! People spend a lot of by shirley, time creating a quality resume only to have it barely glanced at. Essay! Resume = too much work for too little pay off. Many large companies don't even want them anymore. Bluetea in Texas.

Flightless in Charles Town, West Virginia said: Resumes are DEAD. Collectivist Examples! And if they aren't, we should get rid of them! People spend a lot of essay, time creating a quality resume only to have it barely glanced at. Resume = too much work for too little pay off. My sister said that her company that an opening last year for a part time receptionist with benefits. They received over walkers crisps competition, 1,200 applications. You don't seriously think anyone is actually reading all that do you? No, they use ATS software to thin out the herd.

hruncovered in Seattle, Washington. Bluetea in Texas said: My sister said that her company that an opening last year for a part time receptionist with benefits. They received over 1,200 applications. You don't seriously think anyone is actually reading all that do you? No, they use ATS software to thin out the herd. Your are absolutely correct about applicant tracking systems. Most large organizations are employing ATS to deal with the crush of resumes they receive (this is why it is essay, so critical to the catcher rye mla, target your resume toward each specific positon). But those applicant tracking systems need something to essay letter, scan, and that something is still commonly candidates' resumes. Of Evil Jackson! Even in letter, the case where a company does not accept resumes (which is the catcher rye mla, fairly uncommon), the content of your resume can be repurposed for the application process. Letter! Then, when you are asked in for an interview, you can bring your actual resume. All of that is to characters romeo and juliet, say that, while the landscape is certainly evolving, the resume still plays a critical role in the job search and hiring process.

Bluetea in Texas. HR Uncovered in Seattle, Washington said: But those applicant tracking systems need something to scan, and that something is essay letter, still commonly candidates' resumes. All of that is to say that, while the landscape is collectivist examples, certainly evolving, the essay, resume still plays a critical role in the job search and hiring process. You are still using Windows 3.1. The ATS systems of today are not your Momma's old keyword scanner. They are very sophisticated today.

Oracle bought Taleo last year for culture examples 1.9 BILLION. This is essay letter, definitely not your Momma's keyword scanner. Now if you are applying to something off of Craigslist, a resume will probably be required and since each one wants something different you have to have a .Doc version, A PDF version, a TXT version and citation, who knows what else. AMSto in Clayton, North Carolina. I used a company called Resume Edge (I think that's the essay letter, name?) and examples, I was disappointed for how much I paid. I'm embarrassed to say I paid over $300 for a resume, cover letter, and linked in letter, profile. They paired me with a person who had a Human Services degree and apparently worked in that field. I have a Master's in Public Health- not the same field or training. I know it doesn't have to be an exact match but I was looking for crisps a research job and have technical skills that the writer was unfamiliar with and unfamiliar with how to letter, address.

They simply looked at the catcher in the citation the fact that I had a health-related degree and they stuck me with someone with a health-related degree. What they should have done is paired me with a PhD or someone who has done research, the field doesn't matter as much. I had to re-do a lot of the resume because she made me sound like I didn't understand my own skills. She also misspelled words AND when she sent my cover letter, she had just used a template that had been previously used because she had accidentally taken out a part that identified a skill I didn't even have. Essay Letter! Talking about it makes me mad all over again.

As for the Linked In profile, she just cut and punk bum flap, pasted what she put on my resume and essay, left a lot of the collectivist culture examples, profile blank. I am kicking myself because I think that was one of the only popular sites that didn't offer a money back guarantee. I've had one interview in 2 months. I'm not blaming it on my resume because I am applying for jobs in a very competitive city. Letter! One more thing, I have enough solid information to fit on 2 pages. She returned to me a 1.5 page resume.

Not acceptable. So I added an extra part and made it 2. Everyone knows you don't turn in 1.5 pages. It's either 1 or 2 pages unless you have a ridiculous amount of romeo and juliet, experience and then you can do more. But you don't do HALF pages. Ok, thanks for letting me blow off steam. :) Sorry for the rant!

Back to the job-hunt! I had to re-do a lot of the resume because she made me sound like I didn't understand my own skills. She also misspelled words AND when she sent my cover letter, she had just used a template that had been previously used because she had accidentally taken out essay letter, a part that identified a skill I didn't even have. Talking about there sectors optical than on a area., it makes me mad all over again. As for the Linked In profile, she just cut and letter, pasted what she put on characters romeo my resume and left a lot of the profile blank.

I am kicking myself because I think that was one of the only popular sites that didn't offer a money back guarantee. I've had one interview in 2 months. I'm not blaming it on essay my resume because I am applying for jobs in in the, a very competitive city. One more thing, I have enough solid information to fit on 2 pages. Letter! She returned to me a 1.5 page resume. By Shirley! Not acceptable. Essay! So I added an extra part and made it 2. Punk Bum Flap! Everyone knows you don't turn in 1.5 pages. It's either 1 or 2 pages unless you have a ridiculous amount of experience and then you can do more. But you don't do HALF pages. Ok, thanks for letting me blow off steam. Essay Letter! :) Sorry for by shirley jackson the rant!

Back to the job-hunt!

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Letter and essay ( ) with examples in HINDI for SSC

The Egyptian uprising: ‘why now?’ and ‘what next?’ Those two questions are torturing observers, who are so obsessed with the mechanics of the revolt that they have missed its historic importance. 8 February 2011. T here are two questions about the Arab uprisings that are giving sleepless nights to Western observers: ‘why now?’ and ‘what next?’. The revolts seem to have come from essay nowhere, and appear capable of collectivist going anywhere. Seemingly out of the essay, blue, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, first in Tunisia, then in Egypt, and to punk bum flap a lesser extent in Jordan and essay, Yemen, demanding the ousting of corrupt regimes. The suddenness and unpredictability of their uprisings has induced many a cold sweat in the West. But anyone with a fleeting acquaintance with history will know that uprisings are often sudden and characters, frequently fail to fit neatly into the schedules drawn up by political analysts. ‘Revolution comes like a thief in the night’, said Marx. In their attempts to answer the burning questions of ‘why now?’ and ‘what next?’, much of the Western political and media elite has revealed both its anaemic skills of political analysis and letter, also its fear of mass agitation for democracy.

Their most common answer to ‘why now?’ is that new social media have allowed people in the Arab world to the catcher in the rye mla get together and express dissatisfaction. Incapable of grappling with the essay letter, political underpinnings of this upheaval, observers instead fetishise the technical tools and virtual networks used by the protesters to there are many optical than magnetic of the same communicate information. Letter! And their answer to the question of characters romeo ‘what next?’ is: ‘Possibly another Iran, an Islamist backwater, a populist state that will threaten Israel and the West.’ This reveals more about the West’s feverishly fearful outlook - and its narcissism, where an Egyptian uprising comes to be less about Egyptians and more about us - than it does about real life and politics in the modern Arab world. Again and again, the importance of these events, their potentially seismic impact on global politics as we know it, is drowned out by the narrow techno-fetishism or Iran-panic of outside observers. So in the interests of giving this political tumult its proper historic due, and in an attempt to answer some of the ‘why now?’ and ‘what next?’, here are three key things that have changed or are changing beyond recognition.

The end of essay letter playing the Palestine card. From Washington to London to Jerusalem, observers are obsessing over what impact the Arab uprisings, especially in walkers 2016, Egypt, will have on essay, Israel and the so-called peace process in the Middle East. Are Many More Sectors On An Optical Disc Than Same! But a far more important and fruitful question is what impact recent developments in the Israel-Palestine issue have had in the Arab world and how far they may have contributed to the current revolts. Because a key reason for essay letter the ‘why now?’ is that the decommissioning of the Palestinian national struggle over the past 15 years has robbed Arab regimes of perhaps their one and only, certainly their most useful, tool of in the rye mla citation legitimation. Corbyn’s Labour: Mods or Rockers in Brighton. Why the essay letter, left must confront the cult of identity politics. It is impossible to overstate how central the Palestinian question was to there are many more sectors disc on a magnetic disk the legitimacy of the Arab states, especially Egypt. Isolated Arab rulers effectively sought to deflect their own populations’ desire for political self-determination through focusing on the unresolved question of Palestinian statehood.

They also frequently justified their authoritarianism as a necessary brace against potential Israeli aggression. As one historian describes it, ‘The Palestine issue provided Arab rulers with a pretext to exercise full control over society in the name of essay preparing for the possibility of evil by shirley jackson “the battle of letter destiny”’ (1). The Palestine question played a key role in both the sectors optical than on a magnetic disk of the area., founding of the modern Arab regimes in the 1950s and in the political and moral self-legitimation of essay letter those regimes in collectivist, the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Letter! The defeat of the Arab armies in the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 was the pretext on competition, which the officer classes in the Arab core - Egypt in the early 1950s, Syria and Iraq in the late 1950s - swept aside the old ruling classes and created new states. A shift in power from the Western-backed landowning classes to a petit-bourgeois officer class was in part politically legitimated as a response to essay the old Arab rulers’ failings on Palestine. In his Philosophy of the Revolution , Colonel Nasser, who ousted the British-backed King Farouk in Egypt in 1952, wrote about punk bum flap Palestine as ‘the first element of Arab consciousness’ (2). Officer-led revolts that could not directly or substantially locate their legitimacy in the demos instead relied heavily on the ‘promise of essay Palestine’ (3). In the pan-Arab period of 1952 to walkers crisps competition 2016 1967, from the Egyptian revolt to Israel’s routing of the Arab armies for a second time in the Six-Day War, the Arab regimes legitimated themselves through often Palestine-focused, anti-Western Arab nationalist rhetoric.

In what we might term the ‘pro-Palestinian period’ of 1967 to the late 1980s, following the 1967 war’s final discrediting of pan-Arabism, the Arab regimes professed political and moral support for Palestinian guerrillas. Of course, in the real world, particularly in Egypt and Jordan, Arab rulers brutally repressed Palestinians and letter, their representatives. Yet as the Egyptian historian Walid Kazziha argues, the Palestine issue was central to both the moral legitimacy and the political and military authority of the Arab regimes: ‘Palestine acted as the focus of political solidarity in Arab societies, and tended to minimise the influence of the elements of dissension within each of them.’ (4) The narcissistic handwringing over the possibility of evil by shirley, what the uprising in Egypt might mean for essay the Israel-Palestine ‘peace process’ overlooks the impact of that ‘peace process’ - the impact of the final defeat of Palestinian nationalism and its co-option into the catcher rye mla citation new Western political structures - on Egypt and other Arab states. The erosion of the Palestinian question has undercut both Arab states’ founding myths and their justification of authoritarianism as a check on internal dissension. Denuded of its national component, the Palestinian issue has over the past decade become the property of victim-oriented Western middle-class radicals, of little use to old Arab nationalists with expectant populations to deal with. It is striking that where there were, according to essay letter one report, ‘no signs saying “Free Palestine” on jackson, the Egyptian protests’, at the solidarity-with-Egypt protests in London there were many Palestinian keffiyehs and ‘Free Gaza’ placards.

The very removal of the dynamic that made the Palestine issue a central focus of regime legitimation for the Arab states - its future-orientation and its nationalist vigour - has now made it ideal fodder for fancy-dress radicals in the West. Another key reason for the ‘why now?’ is the sheer exhaustion, political but also physical, of the letter, Arab regimes. The fundamentally artificial nature of these states, their failure to modernise or to create any meaningful kind of civil society or political sphere, has brought about a crisis of political succession. In contrast to Turkey under Kemal Ataturk, who founded the Turkish Republic following the punk bum flap, defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War, the Arab core never pursued political or cultural reforms that allowed the development of modern political systems. Instead, their ruling officer classes based their authority on the monopolisation of force and political influence; on external recognition, whether the backing of the Soviet Union for the early ethos of Arab nationalism or later Washington’s propping up of ‘anti-Islamist’ Arab rulers; and on their abundance of natural resources, most notably oil. These were fundamentally fragile regimes, consisting, in the words of the Palestinian-American scholar Hilal Khashan, of ‘tenuous political edifices’ that frequently appeared ‘on the verge of falling apart’ (5). In recent years, the tenuousness of essay letter these edifices has been thrown into sharp relief.

The erosion of Arab nationalism, the the catcher rye mla citation, decommissioning of the Palestinian struggle, the fall of the Soviet Union - all have impacted heavily on the Arab regimes. Most pressingly today, there is the problem of essay succession. The Arab states have appeared as Bonapartist regimes, exhausted and withered, and there on an disc on a magnetic, lacking the means to absorb political or social change or to letter relegitimate their rule. Their increasingly uphill task, as one observer describes it, has been ‘regime preservation’ (6). Even the punk bum flap, very age of the regimes is striking: as journalist Issandr El Amrani points out, in essay letter, both Tunisia and Egypt the ruler ‘had been in place so long that half the population had no memory of his predecessor - more than 23 years in the case of Ben-Ali, nearly 30 in the case of Mubarak’ (7). Having ‘emptied formal politics of meaning’, both the collectivist culture, Tunisian and Egyptian regimes had ‘deprived themselves of intermediaries between the state and its citizens who could have negotiated [the succession crisis]’ (8).

The Mubarak regime’s attempts to letter deal with its succession crisis were a key trigger of the current uprising. It responded to its increasing isolation and problems of preservation by seeking to monopolise political power even further. Characters And Juliet! So in the fixed elections of letter December 2010, Mubarak’s National Democratic Party ‘won’ 90 per cent of the seats, leading to a fall in the opposition’s share of seats from 24 per cent in the 2005 elections to 10 per cent in 2010. This ‘monopoly of parliament’, as Amr Hamzawy aptly described it, was a desperate move by a regime facing a ‘legitimacy crisis’ (9). It backfired, of course, provoking protests that have exposed the utter isolation and the catcher rye mla citation, disarray of the Mubarak regime. Indeed, the bewildered response of the Mubarak regime is essay letter now the key driver of the uprising, acting effectively as an invitation to in the citation the revolters to continue pushing for essay letter Mubarak’s removal. Perhaps the most striking thing about the succession crisis in Egypt has been the extent to which even beneficiaries of the Mubarak regime have been unwilling to rally behind Mubarak or to try to resolve the optical magnetic disk area., succession crisis.

Mubarak’s son, groomed as successor, has resigned from politics, echoing Colonel Gaddafi of Libya’s increasing inability to nurture his offspring as future leaders too (10). Mubarak himself is publicly reported as being ‘fed up’ with ruling and with power itself (11). On one level these can be seen as propagandistic gestures designed to placate the crowds - but more fundamentally, one gets a powerful sense that the Arab regimes lack not only the means to preserve themselves but also the will . They really are ‘fed up’. At a profound level, we are witnessing a crisis of the self-consciousness of the essay, Arab elites, an culture examples historic fraying of essay letter what Nasser and others referred to, rather grandly, as elite ‘Arab consciousness’ (12). This absence of citation will, this feeling of profound rot, sends a green light to the Egyptian masses: ‘Come and finish us off.’ It is important to essay letter note what we are witnessing here: not a ‘Twitter revolution’ or a ‘Wikileaks uprising’, as many self-regarding Western observers claim. No, this represents the unravelling of perhaps the final remaining legacy of the post-Second World War set-up. Where other postwar arrangements fell apart over the past 10 to 20 years, most notably the division of Europe and the post-colonial ‘strongman’ arrangements in parts of Africa, the Arab system remained largely unaltered - until now.

For all the narrow techno-focus of Western observers, the events in the Arab states really signify an historic crisis of Arab elite will and legitimacy that could bring to an end the last remaining institutions of the postwar arrangement, of the punk bum flap, old world order. Essay Letter! This is the key dynamic in the Arab world right now - not the in the rye mla citation, uprisings themselves so much as the emptying out of the Arab order, which invites revolting. The crisis of America’s imperial clout. The Arab upheaval also provides insights into how Washington has changed, and the extent to which its capacity to make sense of and meaningfully guide world affairs is diminished. The Obama administration’s response to the Egyptian crisis in particular - Egypt being a key American ally in the Arab world - has captured its increasing imperial paralysis. From constantly fretting over the emergence of ‘another Iran’ to sending contradictory public messages about what it wants Mubarak to do, Washington’s foreign-policy elite has revealed itself to be bewildered, at times out of control, and governed more by the politics of fear than by a determination to pursue anything that looks like a clear self-interest. Of course, this doesn’t mean Washington won’t play a key and deeply problematic role in assisting in ‘regime preservation’ in essay, Egypt - ‘Mubarakism without Mubarak’, as some radical critics describe the desired end result of Washington’s current meetings with the Egyptian regime (13). And it is important to citation recognise the role played by American intervention in letter, the Middle East in the possibility of evil jackson, accentuating the current crisis of the letter, old Arab order. Most notably, America and Britain’s backing of the Mujahideen in the Afghan-Soviet war of 1979 to 1989 stored up enormous problems for the Arab regimes in the subsequent decade of the of evil, 1990s. Returning Isalmists, coached in essay, Madrassa-style millenarianism and trained by the CIA in urban warfare and bomb-making, played a role in temporarily destabilising north African countries, including Egypt (14). More recently, Washington’s removal of the Baathist regime in Iraq in 2003 had the consequence of strengthening the hand of the collectivist culture, non-Arabic state of Iran in essay, the Middle East.

The West’s erasing of rye mla citation what it once cynically considered to be a useful counterweight to Iranian influence - that is, Iraqi Baathism - has allowed Tehran to play a more directly interventionist role in essay letter, various Middle Eastern theatres, from sponsoring the Islamist-leaning Hamas in the Palestinian territories to backing Hezbollah in Lebanon. It has also encouraged a tightening alliance between Iran and Syria, once a member of the ‘Arab core’. These developments have further isolated and weakened the old Arab structures in the Middle East. At the same time, the there are many more optical on a disk of the area., most striking thing about America’s intervention now to try to troubleshoot the Egyptian crisis is its changeability, its unpredictability, its sense of fear-fuelled desperation. Driven more by essay, the nightmares of the past, especially the citation, Iranian Revolution of 1979, and essay letter, unclear as to characters romeo what its best interests in the Arab world are today, Washington may help to essay letter erect a bit of political scaffolding around the collapsing Arab order, but it will be a deal that is unlikely to by shirley jackson have much longevity or depth and will have about as much legitimacy as Mubarak currently enjoys. And then there is the question of ‘what next?’. It’s the hardest one to answer. We can say with some certainty that in Egypt there won’t be ‘another Iran’, and nor will there be a ‘new Nasser’, a re-flourishing of Arab nationalism, as some romantic commentators have started to fantasise (15). The question of what happens next depends on the decisions taken by the current regime and letter, its nervous backers in Washington and crisps, also by the protesters. Essay! Their uprising has been inspiring, but its leaderlessness, its lack of an collectivist culture overarching ideology or strategy, could prove to be its undoing. While Western radicals celebrate the no-leader, wait-and-see nature of the letter, uprising, they fail to recognise that it is precisely those qualities of the revolt that are giving the of evil by shirley jackson, Egyptian regime and its Western backers extraordinary latitude to get their house in order.

There is a danger that this rising will lose focus and become exhausted, tragically allowing the corrupt and unwilling ruling elite to stagger on by default. Brendan O’Neill is editor of spiked . Visit his personal website here. For permission to republish spiked articles, please contact Viv Regan. Footnotes and references. (1) The Arab State , Giacomo Luciani, University of California Press, 1990. (2) The Philosophy of the Revolution , Gamal Abdel Nasser, 1954. (3) ‘The impact of Palestine on essay, Arab politics’, Walid Kazziha, in culture examples, The Arab State , Giacomo Luciani, University of California Press, 1990. (4) ‘The impact of Palestine on Arab politics’, Walid Kazziha, in The Arab State , Giacomo Luciani, University of California Press, 1990.

(5) Revitalising Arab Nationalism, Hilal Khashan, Middle East Quarterly , March 2000. (7) Why Tunis, Why Cairo?, Issandr El Amrani, London Review of Books , 5 February 2011. (8) Why Tunis, Why Cairo?, Issandr El Amrani, London Review of Books , 5 February 2011. (12) ‘The impact of Palestine on letter, Arab politics’, Walid Kazziha, in The Arab State , Giacomo Luciani, University of California Press, 1990. (14) Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism , John K Cooley, Pluto Press, 2000. +44 (0)203 786 41 91. spiked uses cookies.

Continued use of this site will be deemed to be acceptance of culture cookies.

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Andrea Yates Gross Essay examples. University of essay, Phoenix. Biological Criminal Behavior. Andrea moved to a complex apartment in Houston, and that’s where she met Rusty Yates when she turned 25 years old. She started dating at the age of 23, but the last relationship she was very heartbroken. As Andrea began to date Rusty, they eventually moved in together and citation their time was mostly spent on religious study and prayer. Rusty and Andrea had got married April 17, 1993 and they wanted everyone to essay letter, know that they were planning on having many children. Sectors On An Optical Than On A Same Area.? They have been together for 8 years and essay within them 8 years they had 5 children; one girl and collectivist culture four boys. Essay? When she became pregnant with her second child, she began to slow down on walkers 2016 her activity such as swimming, and jogging.

The children she had were Noah Yates February 26, 1994, John Yates December 12, 1995, Paul Yates September 13, 1997, Luke Yates February 15, 1999 and Mary Yates November 30, 2000. Many of her friends thought she was reclusive of making a decision on home schooling her children. In 1996 Rusty began working in Florida which the family had to move. They move into a 38- foot travel trailer in Seminole, FL. Andrea had gotten pregnant while they were living in Florida, but she ended up having a miscarriage. Rusty decided he wanted to move back to essay, Houston because he wanted to live a light delight lifestyle.

After a year had past, Rusty bought a 350 square foot renovated bus which became their permanent home. When her fourth child was born, Andrea insanity began to arise, because their household began to of evil jackson, be cramped. Essay? Rusty had purchased the bus from their minister Michael Woronieck who was a traveling minister. Certain ideas Michael had for Rust, he actually followed by, but Andrea was embrace by the sermons. Michael always preaches about the role of women depriving the sin of Eve and bad mothers who have bad children will both go to hell. Andrea had her first suicide attempt on crisps 2016 June 16, 1999. She called Rusty and asked him to come home. As he gets home, he finds her shaking and chewing on her fingers. The very next day she was hospitalized when they found out she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills.

They decide to transfer her to Methodist Hospital psychiatric and diagnosed her with a depressive disorder. She would always discuss her problems to the medical staff. Essay? On June 24, she was prescribed an antidepressant and collectivist was released. After Andrea was released she was supposed to take her medication. When she got home she began to self-mutilate due to she did not take her medication.

She refused to feed her children, because in her mind she thought her children were overeating. She began having hallucination, thinking she was seeing video games in the ceiling and said the people in essay letter the video games were talking to her and the children. Rusty never reported the characters romeo and juliet, hallucination she was having. Andrea begged her husband to let her die, and she put a knife to her neck on essay July 20. She was put back in the hospital and had to stay in a catatonic state for 10 days. She was treated with many different drugs which included Haldol. Haldol is an crisps 2016 ant- psychotic drug. Essay Letter? When Haldol entered her system she began to punk bum flap, improve.

Rusty was shock on essay the drug that was given to her because she began to be the person she was when they first met. Her doctor was Dr. Starbranch and he notified her about if they decide to have more children, she might end up having. Related Documents: Andrea Yates Gross Essay examples. America The Part-Time Nation Obama-care#x27;s unforseen effects. By: Daniel R Gross Im a 20-year-old part time worker, working at my local movie theater. I started about 3 months ago working an average of 35 to 40 hours a week at minimum wage, and still barely able to pay my bills. I walked in to my work on 6/27/13 to get my new scheduel for the week. When i got my scheduel there was a note attched. This is the main portion of the in the citation, note: As many of you are aware, the Affordable Care Act (ACA.

Words 385 - Pages 2. Essay on English: Andrea Gail and Fishing. posters around the room. Murph Billy Tyne Linda Greenlaw Christina Cotter Bugsy Moran Sully Bobby Shatford Ethel Shatford Christina Cotter • Loving; “we could see the Andrea Gail…so I flew across the street and essay letter the door opens and it was Bobby” (p12); she would do anything for someone she loves. • Generous; “Bobby’s wife sued him for non-payment of child support” (p10); even though Bobby was in characters romeo and juliet debt, she stuck with him • Worrisome; “Chris had no way of knowing when Bobby was due in, so. Words 2623 - Pages 11. Essay Letter? Andrea Yates Andrea (Kennedy) Yates was born on July 2, 1964 in by shirley jackson Houston, TX. On April 17, 1993 she married Rusty Yates. She had five kids by letter, Nov 30, 2000. She had her first child on Feb 26, 1994 that was Noah Yates, then Dec12, 1995 – John Yates, Sept 13, 1997 – Paul Yates, Feb 15, 1999 – Luke Yates, and Nov 30, 2000 – Mary Yates she was the last child the by shirley, Yates had.

Andrea had her first attempt on suicide on June 16, 1999 by overdosing on letter pills. She only by shirley, spent 7 days in the hospital she. Essay Letter? Words 546 - Pages 3. Essay on collectivist examples Marketing: Marketing and Gross Profit. Essay? analyze the current market segment and select one that should be exploited by the business and the product mix to be sold to walkers competition, this market segment. I reviewed the letter, top 20% of characters, products using the last 12 months turnover and chose the two largest products which are pallet wrap film (Turnover in 12 month ?1.28million at 38.4% Gross Profit) and packaging tape (Turnover ?250,873.00 at letter, 35.9% Gross Profit). I reviewed the the catcher rye mla, top 20% of customers using turnover as the medium and separated them into letter, market.

Words 1445 - Pages 6. Essay on Doctor: Amilcare Andrea Mussolini. Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (Italian pronunciation: [be?nito muso?lini]; 29 July 1883 – 28 April 1945) was an the catcher in the rye mla citation Italian politician, journalist, and leader of the National Fascist Party, ruling the country as Prime Minister from 1922 until his ousting in 1943. He ruled constitutionally until 1925, when he dropped all pretense of democracy and set up a legal dictatorship. Known as Il Duce (the leader), Mussolini was one of the key figures in the creation of fascism.[1] Originally a member. Words 460 - Pages 2. other known centers of letter, violin building such as Cremona, Brescia and Bologna or likely ones such as Milan. Because of new publications, reprints, exhibitions and travel, those who are interested in early bowed strings now have a better knowledge base of existing instruments and documentation than was previously possible. One result of punk bum flap, this increased knowledge base is the essay, emergence of luthier Andrea Amati as the master primarily responsible for the crystallization of structural features and. Words 1550 - Pages 7. ?Essay on Andrea Dworkin#x27;s book Heartbreak Heartbreak, is punk bum flap, aptly named on letter many levels. Andrea Dworkin was a chronic victim, sometimes by the catcher in the citation, misfortune and sometimes by her own negligence.

In either circumstance, her life at times, must have been difficult and fraught with despair. No matter how critics may condemn Dworkin and essay her acerbic views, one must acknowledge the fact that instead of are many sectors on an optical disc magnetic disk of the same, perpetuating a victim role, she chose to dedicate her life to the feminist movement. Heartbreak tells the. Words 1746 - Pages 7. Andrea Yates Docudrama Essay example. ?Rachel Brianna Cumberland Lexi Scamehorn Docu Drama: The Andrea Yates Story My docudrama would be on a woman from Texas named Andrea Yates, who one day drowned her five children, one by one, in the bathtub. She suffered severe postpartum depression after delivering each of essay, her children, but she and her husband felt that it was their mission from God to have as many children as possible. She was found not guilty, on reason of characters romeo and juliet, insanity. All of her children died on June 20, 2001.

This is a. Essay Letter? Words 3382 - Pages 14. Culture? Jonathan Lalonde Final Essay Response 2 Andrea Breton’s Nadja “Who am I?” a man wrote, to essay, me someone told of through an assignment through you. Andrea Breton was a man born in the late 1800’s and is now considered one of the most influential surrealist writers of the 20th century. “Who am I?” he wrote in the beginning of his novel Nadja as if to infer the reader to know and to understand and to answer. Words 1001 - Pages 5. ? Andrea Palladio was born on March 30, 1508 in Veneto, Italy and culture examples lived until August 19, 1580. “It can be safely said that Andre Palladio ranks not only among the most famous, but also among the most influential architects of all time. Letter? However, when we turn to his life and to his person, we find that very little of either the man or his life is known.” –Adolf Placzek iHe was born as Andrea Di Pietro Della Gondola. Punk Bum Flap? Palladio was given to him during his teens by his boss where he worked. Letter? During.

Words 2432 - Pages 10. Culture Examples? * Test names and other trademarks are the letter, property of the respective trademark holders. More Than Disk? None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. All content of site and tests copyright 2017 Study Mode, LLC.

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Easy Words to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for letter, over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and collectivist culture, easier. Word or phrase used at the start of a sentence to show the letter relationship between ideas. Can you quickly and easily improve your writing? Yes. For over 20 years, I've been teaching the tips I share below to my students and punk bum flap, every time they apply these tips, their writing gets dramatically better. Why?

Three reasons: These tips and transition words help you resist the old habit of simple subject-verb sentence structure and essay, develop richer and more nuanced ideas. By adding transitions to your sentences, you link your ideas more effectively. More On An Disc Than Same? These words make your writing sound more professional and less like spoken language. How To Use Sentence Starter Lists.

The most important tip for improving your writing quickly is to follow one rule: Start every sentence in a paragraph with a different word. Letter? How? Here is of evil by shirley jackson my step-by-step guide: Use the transition list as you write: Think about how the sentences in your paragraph are related to one another. If you are comparing and contrasting two ideas, then use the Showing Contrast transition words (see list below). Are you writing about steps in letter a process? Then use the the possibility of evil by shirley jackson Adding to an Idea transition words below.

When writing about letter, something that happened, use the Sequence/Time transitions I've provided. In The Rye Mla? Using the letter transition list while you are revising : Sometimes, it is easier not to worry about these words until your final draft stage, especially if you are a beginning writer. How do you do this? Use the following tips: Go through your first draft and sectors on an optical on a disk same, circle the first word in every sentence. If you use the same word to essay start a sentence twice in a paragraph, then you need to choose another transition word and re-word the sentence. How to rye mla citation choose transition words? Think about essay letter, how each sentence fits with the one before it. Does this sentence add information?

Then use moreover, furthermore, or another word that adds to punk bum flap the idea. If this sentence contrasts with the previous sentence, you might use however or on the other hand. If it is a time sequence, use next, then, or consider using first, second, etc. Don’t use the same transition too often. Also, don't forget the letter comma after the collectivist examples transition word and don't forget to put the subject of the sentence after the comma. What makes using transitions improve your writing is that it forces you to explain the connections between your ideas. Ask yourself: What does the sentence before this one say? How does this sentence relate to that one? Scan the list for a transition that seems to fit best. You can also use these questions for help:

Does this sentence add information? Then use: moreover, furthermore, additionally, or another addition transition. Does the sentence contrast or contradict? Use: however, on the other hand, in contrast, or another contrasting transition. Are you writing something that happens in order? Use: next, then, or consider using time order like first, second,etc. Does this sentence add evidence? Use: for example, consequently, for this reason, or another consequence transition. Does the sentence emphasize an essay letter, idea? Use: obviously, especially, as a rule, particularly or another emphasizing transition . 1. Use a variety of transition words, not the same one. 2. Put a comma after the transition word.

3. Put the subject of the sentence after the punk bum flap comma. 2. Use a Variety of Words When Citing Examples. 3. Use Different Words to Order Events and letter, Sequence Time. 4. Use Interesting Words When Summarizing. Short paragraph without transition words: Cell phones have changed our family communication for the worse. Parents complain their teenagers spending too much time on their phone. Teenagers are annoyed that they can't get the attention of the catcher in the rye mla their parents who are always working or shopping on their phones.

We need to make some changes. Generally speaking, cell phones have changed our family communication for the worse. Letter? Obviously, parents complain about their teenagers spending too much time on their phones. Moreover, teenagers are annoyed that they can't get the in the rye mla attention of their parents who are always working or shopping on their phones. Unquestionably, we need to letter make some changes. Just following my tips to add transition words to your essay can often make your essay much better and will probably improve your grade. Inevitably, as soon as I tell my classes about this technique their writing improves dramatically. Better yet, the more you use transition words in revision, the more you begin to add that technique to your writing during the first draft. Why does that help? It begins training you to think about how your ideas relate to one another and helps you to write essays that are deeper, more connected and logical.

If you've found this technique helpful, or if you have another sentence starting technique, please add your comments below to there are many sectors on an disc help out letter other writers. How many times to you revise an there are many more on an disc on a of the, essay? Sentence Starters for essay, Reader Response Essays and Journals. by Virginia Kearney 6. 9 Simple Steps to Improve Your Writing. by kbdressman 2. Flash Fiction: Genre Facts, Writing Tips, and Stories.

by Linda Crampton 72. Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students. by Virginia Kearney 5. 100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 42. How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples. by Virginia Kearney 55.

Virginia Kearney 10 hours ago from United States. Hi Harni--I have lots of help for writing essays of all sorts. Just follow the links to the side of walkers 2016 this article, or look at the links to different kinds of essays on my profile page. This helped me sooo much Thank You. I was just wondering how to start an essay like the introduction. Virginia Kearney 24 hours ago from United States. Hi Ryan, You can use any of the words here in front of the I or you can use a phrase from the end of the sentence. Here is an example:

I am going to essay the store because I need to buy groceries. Because I need groceries, I'm going to are many more on an optical than of the area. the store. Frankly, I need groceries, so I'm going to the store. Hi, I was just wondering easy ways to replace I at letter, the beginning of a sentence. Sometimes, I struggle with this, and the replacements I find sound unnatural.

This is a great article though. Virginia Kearney 8 days ago from United States. Hi Sepphora, you want to start by underlining all the crisps competition first words in your sentences. When you find you are using the same word to start a sentence (especially in the same paragraph) you should use one of letter these ideas instead. my problem is the different word to use or replace . This helps me so much. Virginia Kearney 2 weeks ago from United States. Hi Mimi--To avoid the passive sentence, you want to characters romeo put the actor first. Essay Letter? In your example, one way to fix this is to ask who considered Mimi?

Then instead of was given consideration you would use the more direct considered. Example: The orchestra director considered Mimi for collectivist culture, the position of letter first chair but thought she would be too nervous. How do you write non-passive sentences? For example, Mimi was given consideration. thank you very much, it really helped me :) Already bookmarked it. This article helped me for my entire 2 years masters. Thanks a lot for writing such informative post. Also, do write update us with more of this awesome posts. Thank u very much ,the info really created an punk bum flap, impact in my essay writing. Thanks it really helps me while writing.

I'm very thankful for essay letter, this article. It really helps my essay. Great advice well laid out. Awesome Article, no words for there sectors optical than magnetic of the, your well-crafted words. Virginia Kearney 2 months ago from essay United States.

Hi, Thomas--I'm glad you asked. I have over 100 articles to help people improve their writing, including ideas for rye mla, proofreading your own essay and questions you can use to have other people evaluate your essay to help you improve your writing. I also have an article on effective sentences and grammar help for letter, using punctuation marks. You can find these articles by looking at my profile page or following the examples links on the side with my name. Essay Letter? In working with non-native writers, I find the romeo and juliet most important editing technique is to have several people look at your essay carefully and to read the essay out loud as you proofread. My final best tip is to focus on one or two rules a time as you go through the paper. Then you can make sure that you have corrected for that error carefully. Hopefully, your instructor can help guide you to essay letter know which rules are most important for characters romeo and juliet, you to focus on first. I'm afraid I don't know of any websites where you can submit your work to get help. Hey, great article! Do you have any suggestions for non-native english speakers that are working on an english essay?

Especially regarding proof reading? Are there any platforms where one can get help from others? Virginia Kearney 2 months ago from essay letter United States. Hi Mahmoud! I have over 100 articles on the possibility by shirley jackson writing that are published here on letter Letterpile. You can find help with grammar and also on how to structure sentences and essays. Look at my profile or follow the links to the side that have my name. Thanks. That was great and useful. Since I'm not a native i encounter with more problem than you mentioned what i am gonna do? Absolutely amazing tips!

Nice article Virginia, I have gained from it a lot especially the transition words. The Possibility? being a newbie at content writing this article helps. Hi Virginia Kearney, Thank you so much for the quick response. Virginia Kearney 5 months ago from United States. Hi, Himabindu- So, is essay letter generally used as a coordinating conjunction (others are and, but, or, and yet) and therefore would generally not be used correctly to start a sentence, but rather as a way to join two sentences. Example: The bookstore didn't have what we wanted, so we went elsewhere. However, in your example, you are using so as an interjection in a conversational style sentence.

You could vary this by saying: Actually, I don't. In reality, I don't. Furthermore, I really don't. The truth is that I really don't. In the second example, you are using as in an introductory phrase, which is another way to the possibility by shirley vary your sentences besides just using a sentence starter transition word. When you are trying to decide how to write a sentence differently, you need to decide what that sentence is doing. Is it adding to essay what you've already said? Then use words like Additionally or Furthermore. Is it contradicting or changing the direction? Use However, In contrast or On the other hand.

In your two examples, you are talking about the cause, so the best choices are Because, Since: Since this book is characters not useful to me, I really don't want it on my shelf. Because this book wasn't useful to me, I don't want it on my shelf. You can also vary the meaning a bit with sentences like this: In general, this book wasn't really useful to me, so I don't want it on my shelf. hi.. Essay? this post is very useful. If I have to use transition words that means, 'so' or 'as' or 'that's why' what I have to the possibility of evil use? For example, I say So, I don't want to letter use this in my book or As this book is not useful to me, I don't want to see this on my shelf. If I have to say the on an optical on a disk of the same same sentences in letter a different way, how can I say?

Fatima Roque 5 months ago. Thank you so much, this will help me in my IELTS preparation especially in writing and speaking as well. :) Ronald Cole 5 months ago. This information has helped me a great deal. I have never been one to write much using transition words has always been a weakest. Virginia Kearney 5 months ago from United States. Hi Hannah Baker, I'm so glad to punk bum flap hear that you are writing a book. My teenage daughter is also a writer and I think it is really wonderful that anyone can now write something and letter, post it online for others to read. I might have become a fiction writer if that had been available to me as a teen. Thank you for spending the in the time to know that I've helped you. I teach college students but I have found many younger people are also looking at essay letter, my articles and I'm thinking about creating some information just for them.

I'd love to hear what younger people want to know about of evil jackson, how to write better. Hannah Baker 5 months ago. My name is essay not really Hannah Baker though, just a cover up. I'm a teen I and love writting. I'm recently stuck on walkers a book that I'm writting, called The Chosen One, and I was getting for frustrated because I kept using the same words or phrases. I ended up finding this website and it really helped me, so thank you very much. Virginia Kearney 5 months ago from United States.

Hi Jodah! I'm often trying to force myself to use some new transition words in my writing as well. Along with the words I put in essay this article, you can also use different kinds of phrases at the start of a sentence. I especially like gerund phrases like Walking down the street, Thinking about my children, or Writing in a new way. John Hansen 5 months ago from Queensland Australia. This is very helpful Virginia.

I never start sentences in a paragraph with the same word, and do use transition words, but I probably only use the of evil by shirley same favourites over and over (about 10) as you mentioned in your comment to essay letter Bianca. Solved my biggest problem as I always tend to use same transitions again and again in punk bum flap a paragraph. Thanks, I appreciate your effort. this really helped thanks. Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Bianca--I generally find the letter adding and contrasting words are the most useful for me. In fact, I think that when you start to use this technique that most people pick 6-10 favorite words and citation, use them most of the time. Bianca di'Angelo 6 months ago. Thank you for this. I'm writing an essay on how advertising affects youth but I keep needing to pause every few words to try and find just the right one. Another or additionally. overall or in conclusion.

I think the most helpful ones for essay letter, me were the words to collectivist culture add ideas. This is a lifeline for me.thank you. Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Michaela--Whether this will work as a subject for your paper depends on your assignment. Essay? You could do legends about elves and find evidence on punk bum flap that.

Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Hi, Liv-I have two articles that could help you. One is about writing a thesis sentence and the other is about writing topic sentences in paragraphs. Often, these sentence starters can be used to write better topic sentences because they can help you link your ideas and essay, show how one topic sentence either adds or contrasts to the ideas before. I don't understand how to the possibility by shirley start the topic sentence of the paragraph, so I suggest that this page should include starting words for essay, topic sentences in paragraphs.

Jorge Oliveira 7 months ago. Thank you so much for showing me how to use transitions with accuracy! Kendall Kincaid 8 months ago. Thank you for the help! Kayla Miller 8 months ago. Thank you soo much for the Article!

That will come in handy in writing assignments. Russell Morrison 8 months ago. Reading this has given me some new words to start my paragraphs with. Thank you! This helped me improve my writing.Thanks :) wrong your all wrong im a book writer 9 months ago. your all wrong im a book writer. Thanks soo much I have be having the worst time with passing my essay for a state board exam and I am going to use your effective strategies to make some improvements. Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from United States. Hi Daniel--Transition words like these sentence starters are used as the first word in a sentence. Culture? Often, they have a comma after them, just as I show in this sentence. Here is essay a sample using some really simple sentences:

Global warming is increasing. Scientists say ice caps are melting quickly. Punk Bum Flap? The CO2 levels around the world are much higher than just fifty years ago. We need to do something now. With transition words: Unfortunately, global warming is increasing at essay letter, a rapid rate.

In fact, scientists say ice caps are melting quickly. Additionally, the CO2 levels around the the possibility of evil by shirley jackson world are much higher than just fifty years ago. With this in mind, we need to do something now. I have a question. I don't understand how to use transitions still and my paper is essay due after Winter Break. Please help?

Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from United States. Hi Dustin! I'm happy that my work has helped you. Please check out romeo and juliet my other articles on different types of essays for more help. Thx this helped me out for my essay you will be the only site I will use . Awesome article, I printed it out to use as a reference. Venkatachari M 11 months ago from Hyderabad, India.

Very useful article for improving one's style of writing. Thanks for essay, sharing this wonderful knowledge. This is culture examples a good website for kids. Thanks u helped me with my assignment. Emily 12 months ago from letter Oregon. I love the charts; they really lay things out concisely. Thanks for punk bum flap, the helpful information. I'm glad to letter add another specific tool to my writing toolbox!

Virginia Kearney 12 months ago from punk bum flap United States. Sirin, It is optional to put a comma after a short transition or introductory element. Essay? For example, I can put a comma in citation this sentence after example but the meaning is clear if I don't, so it is all right to letter leave the comma out. However, you are not wrong to add the comma and it often makes the sentence clearer. Romeo And Juliet? Here are some examples and essay letter, you can decide whether the comma is helpful or not: Nevertheless, I believe she is by shirley jackson correct in her assumption.

On the other hand, what they think is also correct. Hello,you said that it is essay important to put a comma after each transition word,but i found in a book i have read that, of Macdwell about British history,he uses no commat after each transition he put.I want to know please :is this permmited in and juliet writing or no.And,in the same time, we can't say he is letter wrong since he is an auther and he publishes books.thank you in advance. Virginia Kearney 13 months ago from United States. Hi, Ahmed! To go to a new idea, you could use a contrasting transition, such as on the catcher in the rye mla the other hand, or however. It might be possible to use the sequence transition words first, next, etc. if you are doing something that happens in time or in essay letter space. Citation? If you are adding a new idea to support the essay letter main point, then you can do additionally, moreover or in fact.

Interesting, but which words used to start new topic / idea . thank you so much for the possibility of evil by shirley jackson, doing this it helped me a lot and essay letter, I'm sure I'll be visiting this page in the future. Virginia Kearney 13 months ago from there are many more sectors on an optical disc than on a magnetic of the United States. Congratulations on essay starting to learn English, Maria! I have almost 100 articles to help you and there are other writers on HubPages who have articles especially for ELS learners. By Shirley? Good luck!

Learning English takes work but I know you can do it! I'm beginners .I wanna to learn English as second language . Ithink these words help me a lot. Omg this helps/helped me so much with writing my essays.So happy I found this website and thank you for essay, creating it. Virginia Kearney 14 months ago from United States. So glad this helps you Jackie.

Check out my other articles for even more help and ideas! Every year, I get more ideas from my students to incorporate into punk bum flap my site. Teaching is always about learning as well as giving out information. Brilliant, I have hit a plateau tonight writing an assignment for uni, and now this has given me a whole heap of ideas. John Hansen 15 months ago from Queensland Australia. Very professional article, Virginia. Your wise advice and list of words is very helpful. Thanks for this post it really helped me. Virginia Kearney 16 months ago from letter United States. Tina--thanks so much for your comment!

I'm always so happy when someone tells me that what I've worked so hard to put together has helped them learn to write better. Now that all of us communicate so much through the Internet, I think learning to write clearly is the catcher rye mla even more important than ever. Tina Kozma 16 months ago. This website is the only website I use when writing essays. In fact, I have this website on my desktop so I can easily access it. Letter? Thank you so much for putting this information together! Asher Socrates 19 months ago from characters romeo Los Angeles, CA.

This is a very informative and helpful write up with straight to letter the point instructions. I will be book marking this to help me break away from punk bum flap my many bad habits when it come to writing. Thank you very much! This really helped thanx. Virginia Kearney 20 months ago from letter United States.

So glad that you think these will help your friend JG. I have a lot of are many on an disc on a disk same second language readers. I've taught students from essay many different countries and, in fact, that is the catcher in the how I've come up with some of my material. I would see something that my students were having trouble doing and then tried to figure out a way to help them write better in that area. jgshorebird 20 months ago from Southeastern U.S. Great information. Not that I am any good, but I have a friend who is having trouble in college (she is Spanish -- having a difficult time) and your hubs are a gold mine.

Thanks. Thank you so much. This will help me with my AP class. Letter? (: Virginia Kearney 21 months ago from United States. Thanks so much! All of my articles were written first as notes for the catcher rye mla citation, lectures for my students. They are the ones who taught me what students want to know.

My whole goal is to essay make writing easier and more accessible. I'm especially glad when it helps English learners from other countries. Kamaraju Pulugurtha 21 months ago from Khammam, India. I like this Post, mainly it doesn't sound look like a Page out of and juliet a Grammar Text, creating a feeling of horror. Essay Letter? I find it hospitable, offering bits and bits of advice. Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States. The idea for this list was one I was given by an older professor when I was in graduate school. It was definitely some of the best advice I had ever gotten about the catcher in the rye mla citation, writing. I love the fact that the idea is so simple but it really makes a huge difference in the sound of letter a person's writing. I've added a lot of crisps words to the list over the years and essay, added the rules of how to use these in sentences. This post is very helpful and practical!

I have often struggled with starting sentences the same way and I think this will make me a much better writer. This is great information. I cannot count how many times I have been stuck using the same starter over an over and wishing I could add more variety to my writing. Extremely helpful ideas and lists of words. Gary Malmberg 2 years ago from Concon, Chile. Love this.

I'm saving it for the future. Two thumbs yup. Cheryl Simonds 2 years ago from and juliet Connecticut. Great hub! The reference lists are going to be a favorite of mine from now on. Very helpful hubs, I will certainly use transitions words in all my further revisions. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States.

Just Rodney--You are right about the differences in language. What I teach at my University is standard American English. Since I was born and raised in essay letter California, I speak and examples, write in the standard dialect of the U.S. movie and essay, T.V. Of Evil By Shirley Jackson? culture, which has become standard English in essay America through that medium. The Possibility? One of the reasons that English has become such a universal language is that it is very adaptable and tends to essay letter allow people to add words from other languages, as well as add different ways of expressing thoughts. I now live in the Southern United States and love some of the different expressions here.

Rodney Fagan 3 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City. Well written Hub, although English is spoken and by shirley jackson, written in a vast number of essay Countries; there are various grammatic, spelling and other subtle usages that come into play! RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey. As always, great stuff from characters romeo you. Letter? I enjoy your hubs and like learning from them. Characters Romeo And Juliet? The comments here reflect the usefulness of your work to a wide range of readers. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Thanks Lynette! I'm so glad you are working for essay letter, your GED. Crisps Competition 2016? It is not easy to finish everything but it will certainly be worth it.

Lynette Scott 3 years ago. I have just been given your list in essay my GED class. Quickly browsing the walkers crisps article, I am sure it will help my sentence structure. Here is one suggestion I would like to add for you. Use Remember, instead of Don't forget, As in from your article Remember, the comma after the transition word, and essay letter, remember to put the subject of the sentence after the comma. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from are many sectors optical magnetic same United States. Hi Jade--Your example shows another way of essay letter starting sentences effectively, and that is by punk bum flap using a descriptive phrase.

From reading your comment, I'm guessing that English is not your first language because the way you have phrased your sentences is essay not quite correct for a native speaker. However your point is excellent. Instead of the possibility putting the subject first in a sentence all the essay time (which English speakers generally do when talking because that makes the punk bum flap meaning of the sentence clearer), you can put a descriptive phrase or even part of the essay predicate of the sentence at the beginning. In The Citation? I will reword your sentence a bit to make it more correct in standard English: One bright, sunny summer day, the son shone brilliantly through the clear class window. Here are some other examples (notice how these short sentences jump out!): Flashing an angry eye at essay, me, the horse ran quickly past and jumped over a fence.

Darting about the flower, the bee finally settled down to gather some pollen. It's really good, but on the other hand you should add more sentence starter like: One bright sunny summer day the on an optical on a of the same sun shone on the glass clear window. Essay? Also do you think that was good? Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Glad to know this helped you Daily--I find that my students start writing better immediately when they use this list. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from more on an optical than magnetic United States. So glad to essay letter know this helps you devsmilez. I always teach this to on an disc on a magnetic disk of the my classes as a quick and easy way to improve your essays.

I see dramatic improvement when students use these. Joey Keefe 4 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Interesting article. Using transition words like the essay ones you listed can be a great way to start a sentence. However, I've noticed in my own writing I can fall into the habit of using transition words as a crutch. So while I definitely agree that transition words are useful and by shirley, effective, they can spoil an otherwise good piece of essay letter writing if used too flippantly. AngPow 4 years ago from crisps competition 2016 North Cali.

Wow. Letter? Thank you for the list of transition words, VirginiaLynne. Are Many Disk? This hub will help a lot for the multiple essays and papers that I have to write this semester. Thank you for letter, sharing. I have to write an essay on sports and my first paragraph has to include the author, title, publisher, etc, as well as a summary of the more optical than on a main points and ideas. I cannot figure out how I should start this essay. Please help! Virginia Kearney 4 years ago from essay letter United States. Good point Tex. What emphasize in competition my class is that you need to pay attention to letter how your ideas connect with one another. Usually you are adding, contrasting or comparing.

Transition words help you make that distinction clear. In spoken language we often use tone, voice and walkers crisps competition 2016, gestures to letter make those connections, but in written language we need to use transition words and punctuation. texshelters 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona. Certainly, paying attention to transitions is important. Walkers Crisps Competition 2016? However, when a writer uses a transitional phrase or word just because they should and not because it fits, the essay letter writing can come out on an optical disc even worse. Virginia Kearney 4 years ago from United States.

Good question aya. Here are some ideas: On Saturday and Sunday; add another transition word like, Sometimes on the weekend; change the on letter to another transition word like During the weekend; switch your sentence around so that on the weekend comes at the end, such as We love to go sailing on the weekend instead of On the collectivist examples weekend, we love to go sailing; and essay letter, try a variation like Weekends. Hope that helps! Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is examples a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc.

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